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The Way Back 2010
In 1941, three men reach India from Tibet, having walked 4000 miles after escaping a Siberian gulag. The film tells their story and that of four others who escaped with them and a teenage girl who joins them in flight. The group's natural leader is Janusz, a Pole condemned by accusations secured by torturing his wife; he knows how to live in the wilds. They escape under cover of a snowstorm: a cynical American, a Russian thug, a comic accountant, a pastry chef who draws, a priest, and a Pole with night blindness. They face freezing nights, lack of food and water, mosquitoes, an endless desert, the Himalayas, and moral questions of when to leave someone behind.
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Fair Game 2010
Plame's status as a CIA agent was revealed by White House officials allegedly out to discredit her husband after he wrote a 2003 New York Times op-ed piece saying that the Bush administration had manipulated intelligence about weapons of mass destruction to justify the invasion of Iraq.
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Furry Vengeance 2010
Hoping to make enough money through an overseas employer to live comfortably, Real Estate Developer Dan Sanders manages to convince his son, Tyler, and wife, Tammy, to re-locate in a remote corner of Oregon. Tyler does seem content after he meets with lovely Amber, but Tammy is concerned about her husband when he near-hysterically claims that local creatures, including beavers, ravens, bears, fox, etc. have joined forces to sabotage his project.
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The Crazies 2010
As a toxin begins to turn the residents of Ogden Marsh, Iowa into violent psychopaths, sheriff David Dutton tries to make sense of the situation while he, his wife, and two other unaffected townspeople band together in a fight for survival.
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Shorts 2009
Shorts (2009)
Add date: 2012-02-08
A young boy's discovery of a colorful, wish-granting rock causes chaos in the suburban town of Black Falls when jealous kids and scheming adults alike set out to get their hands on it.
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Syriana 2005
American oil companies Connex and smaller Killen are undergoing a merger, the new company named Connex-Killen. The move is in response to Connex losing a number of oil fields in the Persian Gulf region as Prince Nasir Al-Subaai, his country's foreign minister, and the oldest son of the Emir and thus the heir apparent to the throne, signed a contract with the Chinese instead. As Killen somehow managed to get the contract for the oil fields in Kazahkstan, the merger would give Connex-Killen additional control of the industry in the Middle East. Connex's retained law firm, headed by Dean Whiting, assigns Bennett Holiday to demonstrate to the US Department of Justice that due diligence has been done to allow the merger to proceed i.e. that the merger would not break any antitrust regulations. The US government is unhappy with Prince Nasir's decision to award the contract to the Chinese, and in combination with issues around illegal weapons, the CIA assigns field agent Bob Barnes, who has ...
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Captain Phillips 2013
Captain Phillips 2013, USA
In Time 2011
In Time 2011, USA
Battleship 2012
Battleship 2012, USA
Secret of the Wings 2012
Secret of the Wings 2012, USA
The Croods 2013
The Croods 2013, USA
Safe House 2012
Safe House 2012, USA
The Avengers 2012
The Avengers 2012, USA
Frozen 2013
Frozen 2013, USA
21 Jump Street 2012
21 Jump Street 2012, USA
Man of Steel 2013
Man of Steel 2013, USA
Contraband 2012
Contraband 2012, USA
Fast & Furious 6  2013
Fast & Furious 6 2013, USA
We're the Millers 2013
We're the Millers 2013, USA
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