Elegy (2008)

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David Kepesh is growing old. He's a professor of literature, a student of American hedonism, and an amateur musician and photographer. When he finds a student attractive, Consuela, a 24-year-old Cuban, he sets out to seduce her. Along the way, he swims in deeper feelings, maybe he's drowning. She presses him to sort out what he wants from her, and a relationship develops. They talk of traveling. He confides in his friend, George, a poet long-married, who advises David to grow up and grow old. She invites him to meet her family. His own son, from a long-ended marriage, confronts him. Is the elegy for lost relationships, lost possibilities, beauty and time passing, or failure of nerve?
Penélope Cruz as Consuela Castillo
Ben Kingsley as David Kepesh
Dennis Hopper as George O'Hearn
Patricia Clarkson as Carolyn
Peter Sarsgaard as Kenny Kepesh
Deborah Harry as Amy O'Hearn
Charlie Rose as Charlie Rose
Antonio Cupo as Younger Man
Michelle Harrison as 2nd Student
Sonja Bennett as Beth
Emily Holmes as 1st Student
Chelah Horsdal as Susan Reese
Marci T. House as Administration Nurse
Alessandro Juliani as Actor #3 in Play
Tiffany Lyndall-Knight as Actor #2 in Play
Full cast

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Penelope Cruz is simply a stunning beauty. Ben Kingsley provides the backcloth to the beauty within Penelope's character when life happens as one is trying to make plans for (or avoid) something else. Sexual nudity and rather a serious themed movie - not for youngish moviegoers. The director has taken a common occurrrence (old guy with young gal) and portrayed its subtleties majestically. Very Vicky Cristina Barcelona.


Elegy unabashedly explored lust/love/affairs, fear/commitment, beauty/art, and mortality. The underlying message that nothing stays the same nor lasts forever - expertly communicated by director Isabel Coixet in this beautiful movie adaptation of Pulitzer Prize-winning author Philip Roth's novel, The Dying Animal. The characters - fully-fleshed - had depth. The STELLAR cast comprised - the Academy award-winner Ben Kingsley masterfully portrayed emotionally-distant lustful possessive David Kepesh; Penelope Cruz enchanting as the austere well-mannered Consuela Castillo; the remarkable Dennis Hopper played George - David's friend/confidant; singer Deborah Harry(Blondie), Peter Sarsgaard and Patricia Clarkson delivered SUPERB supporting performances. The intelligent directing/screen-writing, skillful editing, gorgeous cinematography set the PERFECT mood for this MUST-SEE thought-provoking contemplative meditative profound movie - perfect for intelligent upscale audience.


The acting in this movie is absolutely amazing. You can really feel for each of the characters and crawl underneath their skins. I admit that I thought it was a bit slow at first but then I became completely engrossed. The dynamic that exists between Ben Kingsley's character and Penelope Cruz's character AND the dynamic that exists between Ben Kingsley's character and Dennis Hopper's character evoke so many thoughts and emotions within you. Great cameo role by the flawless Patricia Clarkson. This movie will break your heart.


I loved this film. Both characters are wonderfully developed as the movie progresses. If you are over 40, I think this movie will especially touch you regarding the areas of aging and relationships.


When I see a movie in limited release, especially with acclaimed and award winning actors, I wonder why it's limited. After viewing this film I realize that it is not intended for general audience of 20 and 30 something's. If you are vintage I'm sure you will relate to one or more of these highly defined characters. The acting is brilliant and the camera work is lovely. (The camera loves Penelope Cruz). My husband and I both shed tears during the movie and we discussed this movie throughout our drive home. I will search for the novel because I want to dig deeper into the characters.

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