The Tale of Despereaux (2008)

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The tale of three unlikely heroes - a misfit mouse who prefers reading books to eating them, an unhappy rat who schemes to leave the darkness of the dungeon, and a bumbling servant girl with cauliflower ears - whose fates are intertwined with that of the castle's princess.
Matthew Broderick as Despereaux
Dustin Hoffman as Roscuro
Emma Watson as Princess Pea
Tracey Ullman as Miggery Sow
Kevin Kline as Andre
William H. Macy as Lester
Stanley Tucci as Boldo
Ciarán Hinds as Botticelli
Robbie Coltrane as Gregory
Tony Hale as Furlough
Frances Conroy as Antoinette
Frank Langella as Mayor
Richard Jenkins as Principal
Christopher Lloyd as Hovis
Charles Shaughnessy as Pietro
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we werw 3 children 6,7,and 11 all enjoyed it. 7 yr old thought it went to fast. my husband and i thought beginning slow. my 11 yr old said the beginning didn't make much sense. but all did enjoy it


Unbelievably slow, dark, dreary, and altogether miserable! I am an artist/illustrator and animator, so have great respect for the medium, and am blessed to have twin four and a half year old daughters who share my joy in going to see the latest animated features...not to mention, I'm familiar with the book! I know it's not a joyful book by any means, but this movie was so QUIET, and slow and damned depressing, I can't believe this was a Xmas release?! A hushed silence...awkward...fell over the crowd as the movie ended (here in Chicago), because there was just no joy there...and by all intents, it was a "happy" ending. But scary rats, mean people. hostage taking, heart attacks and death, depression and sadness overwhelmed the movie. From a storytelling standpoint, it was disjointed, not on par with the book, the characters were not well-developed, nor were their actions justified from scene to scene (esp. Roscuro's good-to-bad-to-good journey). Utterly disappointed with this film.


my family and i went and saw this movie for my little brother and i was shocked on how good it was, the plot was like any kids movie, the voices went well with the animations, great visuals, this a good family movie so take the kids when ever you get a chance, one thing tho the nose of emma watson's character bugged me so bad, that was the only bad part


Everyone should either read the book or see the movie The Tale of Desperaux. It is awesome! don`t believe anyone who says its bad because they are prbably lieing go out and see it in theaters December, 19, 2008 or read the book. Swimming Rox


This is the animated story of an unusual little mouse with super big ears named Despereaux (voiced by MATTHEW BRODERICK). The other mice see him as somewhat odd because, rather than ?cower? about things as they?ve been taught to do, he instead has an outgoing, fearless and brave attitude towards the world around him. Rat Roscuro (voiced by DUSTIN HOFFMAN) plays a discontented and role-shifting character as the cause of sadness in the kingdom, and servant girl Miggery Sow (voiced by TRACEY ULLMAN) lives an equally unhappy role in the palace. The human characters have the angularity and bulbousness of Dreamworks-type animation, while the animals have a wonderful, sophisticated sense of movement and character. While I found the story somewhat convoluted and weak in parts (& possibly scary to some very young kids), there?s an infectious enthusiasm of all involved, and thus you?ll be likely to enjoy seeing why the tag line ?Small Hero. Big Heart.? is very appropriate.

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