Shorts (2009)

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A young boy's discovery of a colorful, wish-granting rock causes chaos in the suburban town of Black Falls when jealous kids and scheming adults alike set out to get their hands on it.
Jimmy Bennett as Toe Thompson
Jake Short as Nose Noseworthy
Kat Dennings as Stacey Thompson
Trevor Gagnon as Loogie
Devon Gearhart as Cole Black
Jolie Vanier as Helvetica Black
Rebel Rodriguez as Lug
Leo Howard as Laser
Leslie Mann as Mom Thompson
Jon Cryer as Dad Thompson
William H. Macy as Dr. Noseworthy
James Spader as Mr. Black
Angela Lanza as Teacher
Alejandro Rose-Garcia as John / Boyfriend
Cambell Westmoreland as Blinker #1
Full cast

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Daddy Cakes

After viewing the movie with my 8 year old son... I turn my head and asked him if he enjoyed the movie. His answer quite surprised me! He actually liked it! The movie may be a bit too weird for adults.


Alright But Not The Greatest


Recently I attended the advance VIP press preview of this 1.5hr hyper-kinetic movie. Director Robert Rodriguez who did so well with SPY KIDS and SIN CITY totally missed the mark with this frenetic and poorly-constructed movie that dragged on and on. Yes, I walked out at the end with a major headache. SHORTS was not presented chronologically - it flips back and forth as a series of short stories that all linked-up to make a whole film - hence, the name of the movie - SHORTS. To put it simply, SHORTS was badly executed. Period. VERDICT: 'Booger Monster'??? Oh puhleeeze! To say the least - I was disappointed because I had high expectations for it. The trailers were much much much better. Well - at least this movie will appeal to kids. It is wayyyyy too silly for anyone over 10. Wait to rent the DVD for the kids while you spend time doing more worthwhile tasks. Actual GRADE: D - for DUMB.


Out of about 15 fan and critic reviews that I read, all but like 2 were primarily on the negative side, some were even downright nasty, but I'm glad I chucked all that and took my 11 yo to see it, cause Shorts was fun and enjoyable! Yes the Booger monster part was nasty, but LOTS of kid's movies have some toilet humor, big deal. As far as the complaints about "jumping around in time", I honestly don't see what everyone was complaining about, it was easy to follow. Besides, that's why it's called "Shorts", it's a series of short stories that are tied in with the wishing rock, and the kid SAYS that at the beginning. We loved it. Don't listen to these reviews, heck don't listen to MINE, if you want to see it, go see it and judge for yourself!


My 7 year old daughter thought it was awesome never took her eyes off the sreen.

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