Hit and Run (2009)

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Mary Murdock, a college student, thinks she's hit and killed a cat with her car driving home drunk from a party. She is horrified beyond words when she gets home and discovers a man's nearly dead body impaled on the bumper of her Jeep. Terrified and irrational, Mary is faced with a series of decisions that determine her fate.
Laura Breckenridge as Mary Murdock
Kevin Corrigan as Timothy Emser
Christopher Shand as Rick
Megan Anderson as Jane
Michael Gell as Andy
Nitin Adsul as Gas Attendant
Eric Zuckerman as 1st Street Mechanic
Joe Hansard as Quarantine Dude
Lance Lewman
Rebecca Gebhard as News Anchor
Al Twanmo
Kara Quick as Reporter #1
Katherine Schmoke as Reporter #2
Mary Lechter as Teacher
Robert Cait as Eddie the Spaz
Full cast

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But a really good date movie. If you want to take your girlfriend to a flick she'll like and still not want to yak up your popcorn, this is it. It is well written and a well done flick. All told, very nicely articulated and funny. Gut busting funny? No. Entertaining and solid funny? Yes. I just wish some of the jerks in the movie got a little "come uppance". That's my biggest criticism. Would see it again on HBO.....

The Real Truth

This was awful from start to finish.It had a laugh here and there, but those scenes were in the previews.I went with a group and the average rating was a 3 out of a possible 10.


You can clearly tell the movie was directed by either Dax Shepard or Kristen Bell (in this case it was directed by Dax Shepard) because THOSE TWO ARE BASICALLY THE ONLY TWO IN THE MOVIE!!! Once in a while you'll see somebody else but this movie was just too much. If you are ok with seeing how in-love Dax and Kristen are then go see this movie. If you don't care and actually want to see a good movie don't bother to see Hit and Run. I get it Dax and Kristen, you're madly in love with each other - keep that to your public/private life don't subject us to it and make us actually pay to see it. Even Bradley Cooper couldn't save this movie. I specifically went for Cooper and was very disappointed that he had very few scenes. Plot was pretty stupid as well - way too many things were so out of whack it was straying too far away from reality even for a movie. Worst acting award definitely goes to Dax Shepard - stick to being an extra on punkd man, acting is not your thing.


It's always nice to go into a movie with low expectations only to find a gem of a movie that you really enjoy. Hit and Run was a fun comedy where I could just sit back, relax and enjoy. All the characters, even the bad guys, were so likeable. I enjoyed the characters, story, and car chases. Is this going to be the best movie you see this year? Of course not. Are there holes in the story? Yes. Is it going to be 2 hours of your life you'll enjoy? Absolutely. Go see it.

Dennis in Oregon

I became aware of this movie when the two leads made an appearance on AM Northwest in Portland. They were so natural and appealing; I decided to see the movie. It was lots of fun from the very beginning to end. I think I will see it again. One thing I did not like was the overuse of the F word. Watch for cameos. I would look forward to a sequel...

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