The Stranger (2010)

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An FBI agent looks to track down a material witness who is involved in a top-secret investigation.
Steve Austin as The Stranger
Erica Cerra as Dr. Grace Bishop
Adam Beach as Agent Mason Reese
Ron Lea as Chief Ronald Picker
Viv Leacock as Agent Fleming
Jason Schombing as Agent Daniels
Stephen Dimopoulos as Mikhail
Dalila Bela as Katya
Anthony Harrison as Max
Andrew Wheeler as Smoker
Samantha Page as Little Girl
G. Michael Gray as Driver
Timothy Paul Perez as Police chief
Adrien Dorval as Gas Attendant
Geoff Gustafson as Harris Green
Full cast

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Shaaa dude

I saw this movie on saturday and i was really excited to see it. It was super scary. The scariest part of it is all of the suspence. i was crawling in my seat. i felt like i was in the movie. and Liv Tylor does an excellent job of capturing the fear of her charactor. this movie started out slow and once the nock at the door comes its action and suspence till the end. a very well thoughtout movie. I wasnt crazy about the ending though is left me hanging. And the STRANGERS were strange youll get what i mean when u see it. The concept of the movie is so scary because people do come over to kill you in real life just because you were home. i feel that this movie is much better than some tv knockoff "Sex and the City" or something that has been dome before :Indiana Jones" see this movie not those 2 you wont be dissapointed.


I know a lot of people are saying negative things about this movie but it truly is intense and disturbing. Especially the last couple of minutes... don't worry this isn't a spoiler I'm not giving anything away. Very good flick. The pop up scares got to me, but the long drawn out tension building scenes got me even more. There is this one scene that made my heart beat so fast I felt like I was in the movie. I think when movies are close to reality they freak me out more than the gore ****that's overloading Hollywood these days. I truly enjoyed this movie and recommend to all horror fans.


I thought this movie was going to be kind of bad and disappointing...like Prom Night (had a good trailer but the overall movie wasn't that great). The more I thought about going to go see this movie the more I started to second guess myself if it would be worth it. I'm proud to say, that my money was not wasted ($9.00 at my theatre). The Strangers is really good movie and I can't wait for the DVD to come out because I will be purchasing it. At first, the movie seemed like it was going to be kind of cheesy, but once the action starts, there's not a single dull moment. The acting was excellent, the antagonist was VERY scary, and the movie seemed like it REALLY could happen to someone (I think this is what people will think about for a while after seeing it). I don't recommend young children under 14 should see this, as it may just be a bit too must for them to handle. For everyone else, you REALLY should go see this movie, its great!!!


I would definitely go if your a horror fan. No gore, no special effects, just plain old suspense with a mask. Halloween had a reason for killing, a target group, and a seemingly supernatural flair in avoiding death, but the scariest parts of that movie involve little to no sound, unexpected jump scenes, camera angles of "everday" stuff, and views of the masked character throughout. The Strangers has many of those same elements: little to no sound, then noises to jump to, camera angles of everyday stuff, annoying music on a record player occassionally which somehow adds to the creepiness, and masked characters throughout. Starts out slow, builds characters, to which the actors performed very well in their respective roles. I think anyone who appreciates a good thriller, this one bordering horror, will enjoy this film. Realism, yes...bad things happen to good people all the time. Random acts of violence do occur. This years Halloween masks for sure.


The SCARIEST movie of the summer and possibly the scariest I've ever seen!! The Suspense kills and its not like other scary movies with happy miracle endings. I was screaming in the theater like I was the one being knifed! and the masks they wear are REDICULOUSLY scary. Must go if you like being scared.

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