The Back-up Plan (2010)

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Zoe's a woman who has a hard time letting anyone into her life. She has a habit of pushing people away when they get close. She also wants to have a baby but because she has no man in her life decides to be artificially inseminated. Shortly after having the procedure she meets a guy named Stan whom she connects with. But she's still afraid to let him in and when she tells him about her pregnancy thinking he would bail but he sticks with her.
Anthony Anderson as Playground Dad
Noureen DeWulf as Daphne
Melissa McCarthy as Carol
Tom Bosley as Arthur
Maribeth Monroe as Lori
Danneel Harris as Olivia
Robert Klein as Dr. Scott Harris
Linda Lavin as Nana
Carlease Burke as Tabitha
Amy Block as Sara
Jennifer Elise Cox as Baby Store Sales Clerk
Full cast
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...but just as good, if not better, to wait and watch in the comfort of your own home. PROS-1)Really honest about fears and anxieties of unconventional situation 2) Decent acting for the most part, 3)Nice subplot with Linda Lavin and Tom Bosley.4)great best friend,especially bed scene. CONS1) Single mothers group a little over the top.2)Unrealistic 'prettiness'. I was more convinced the lead was pregnant during scene with no makeup and chicken in her hair.3)Too obviously a vehicle for Lopez's shape and looks. 4)Toooooo much predictability; I always expect some in this type of movie,but hoped for a little more imagination. Better than Bounty Hunter& not nearly as good as Date Night.Again,does not need theatre viewing.


I am including Gigli in this assessment. This was absolutely horrible. To be fair, I only saw the first hour or so. I actually left the movie and went and saw Date Night again. I love movies. I have not walked out on a movie in at least a decade. Seriiously...ugh.


It was so full of stereotypes and overused jokes about pregnancy and motherhood it was kind of offensive. It seemed like it was written by a teenager, the plot so thin and the characters one dimentional. HOWEVER Alex O'Loughlin was a pure delight to watch. I wish that he will go on to find better vehicles for his talent.


HOWEVER, I stress that if you are asking about spending money,I still say so-so: this will be just as good on dvd. Personal view was improved at 2nd time around because I really saw how good Ms.Lopez's acting was IN THIS.She usually annoys me...it may have just come natural from having recently had a baby,nevertheless,give her a chance..she is pure and believable,both with her pregnancy reactions and with her relationship. I also plain appreciated the honesty and realness of this Zoe and Stan together. There is some pretty smart,maybe experienced,dialogue here. I think there was definitely some fresh material. UP UNTIL the wedding and going to the hospital...they really lost me there with silly,unbelievable material ie:stopping at the market...WHAT?...,all the heartfelt talking during labor...WHAT?...just a few things like that. Maybe still pay matinee price,but do not pay full evening.Again,lots better than Bounty Hunter, but a far cry from Date Night,that was worth paying for.


I gave up on hits movie well before half time and walked out for the first time in I don't know how long.. Come on pregnant and drinking wine? What's with eating chili out of the pot like some dog! I saw the previews and was convinced that Lopez had finally learned how to act! No way! Maybe it was the plot or the directing, but nothing was really developed, just one cliché after another! Like watching bits and pieces of a home movie, only you don't know the people. Don't waste your time and money, and time is money that can never be replaced!!

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