VeggieTales (1996)

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After years of being seen via VHS and DVD, Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucmber, and their friends come to TV. Every week Bob invites us to his house where he and the gang answer letters from kids and help them with their problems using their fun and sometimes wacky stories.
Phil Vischer
Mike Nawrocki
Lisa Vischer as Junior Asparagus (6 episodes, 1993-2011)

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I know most of you don't bother watching the Veggie Tales on video or dvd, but it's a really good show. It teaches younger kids that being different culurally and being yourself is ok. They do it as a musical because younger kids can understand it better. I would certainly recommend this movie to any family that has kids or anyone that likes animation & musicals.


I have read all the comments & to answer the question, why is this movie being shown in theaters: It's so that one can take a person of any age & not be concerned about will there be cussing, will there be naked people, will I be ashamed to have seen it. We have seen this movie & it is very well done for people of all ages. This movie is awsome, well animated, great songs, great story, suttle references, & Oh No, a message!! If you need to have flesh & cussing go see another movie, there are more than enough to choose from! For age 3 to 43 & older this is an awesome, clean movie! I RECOMMEND THIS MOVIE TO YOU ALL! IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT THAN YOU DON'T KNOW WHETHER IT'S GOOD OR NOT! To all of you who wrote a poor review & haven't seen it, I dare you to go! As a matter of fact I double dare you to go & see for yourself. It might not be your cup of tea but it is well done & comical. If you go to make fun just remember how rude you think other people are in movies you are enjoying!


I have seen all of the Veggie tales. Can,t wait to see it. I'm that the're people who put Christain influence on kids.


ABSOLUTELY amazing! The storyline is ingeniously CLEVER. This hidden message empowers any and every child to know that he/she CAN become a REAL hero. This serving of Veggies is TRULY good for our little ones...and even appeals to parents and grandparents. Big Idea, you've done it again...and even better! Congrats for wrapping a story of what it REALLy means to be a hero in a hilariously wacky and every-minute-jam-packed-full of excitement story of the adventures of these just, plain lovable Veggie pirates! We love you!!!!! Keep 'um coming. We need more.


The message of this movie may not blatantly obvious, but anyone who believes in God and His power, the ending will leave you with tears. I won't spoil the end for those of you who haven't seen yet, but a similar feeling you get at the end of Narnia. The message is clear, God loves you and needs you. This movie doesn't follow the typical VeggieTales format, but I think this may get more non-Christian families to go. My son is five and this movie was a great springboard for us to talk about God, what He is, and what He can do. If nothing else, this is a great children's movie that isn't violent, has some adult humor (that isn't inappropriate--i.e. Edward Scissorhands), good songs, and a good message for everyone (doing what is right). I strongly recommend this movie and I will buy it the day it is released, I may even go to the theater again to see it.

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