The Fighter (2010)

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The Fighter, is a drama about boxer "Irish" Micky Ward's unlikely road to the world light welterweight title. His Rocky-like rise was shepherded by half-brother Dicky, a boxer-turned-trainer on the verge of being KO'd by drugs and crime.
Christian Bale as Dicky Eklund
Mark Wahlberg as Micky Ward
Melissa Leo as Alice Ward
Amy Adams as Charlene Fleming
Jack McGee as George Ward
Dendrie Taylor as Gail 'Red Dog' Eklund
Frank Renzulli as Sal Lanano
Jenna Lamia as Sherri Ward
Jill Quigg as Donna Eklund Jaynes
Mickey O'Keefe
Bianca Hunter as Cathy 'Pork' Eklund
Melissa McMeekin as 'Little Alice' Eklund
Erica McDermott as Cindy 'Tar' Eklund
Kate B. O'Brien as Phyllis 'Beaver' Eklund
Paul Campbell as Gary 'Boo Boo' Giuffrida
Full cast
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I was thoroughly entertained by the great acting of both Mark Walhberg and Christian Bale. The movie itself is a great story. Like all great movies, it tells the reality of the best and worst side of human nature. I knew this movie would be good but I didn't expect it to be that good. Some movies are just to good to be seen twice; at least thats what I think. This is one of them. Sit back and enjoy the movie


...based on true life movie is ripe for awards. Bale just filled me with his anxious desperation at times-then switched to frustration at his facade of arrogance. Then once again,with the epiphany of his life,and what was important to him. This man never,ever disappoints in fulfilling who his character is supposed to be...from American Psycho to Machinist to this top of his career role and everything in between. Melissa Leo made you just hate and pity her at the same time,do not know why she is not in top billing. Wahlberg and Adams were as wonderful as they always are,especially loved Adam's in something totally NOT the way we usually see her. I was involved 100 percent of the time. The fights were good,without taking away from the story of love,dysfunction,turmoil and choice making. I LOVED THIS MOVIE. While the scene in the bedroom was totally unneeded (but not r-rated) the language and violence were,as a part of this whole culture and what these boys grew up learning..GO


A story about a talented fighter with a shaky start with family in some cases making wrong decisions and a half brother/trainer on crack, Micky Ward rises up to become Americas working class hero. The perfect exact role for Mark Wahlberg (Micky Ward). The adaption from the real story and the actors who portrayed them are incredibly very close. All movies similar in sense like, INVICTUS, BLIND SIDE, RAY, ETC, Have all been recognized for consideration by the OSCARS. This movie should be considered as well. Class movie, actors, and story. Privileged to see the sneak preview at the AFI 2010 FILM FESTIVAL. !!!A true story of a people?s fighter!!! 5 STARS out of 5 solid


wahlberg tough amy hot excelent


The Fighter was a really great movie... If you're from the Boston area you'll get a kick out of all the characters as each of them will surely remind you of someone you really know. And I'm not a huge Christian Bale fan, but he delivered an award winning performance this time around... The only down side to the movie is it was just a little too long. They probably could have shaved off about 20 minutes and it would have been just as good. But all in all The Fighter is a must see...

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