Suck (2009)

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In Montreal, Joey is the lead singer of the struggling band "The Winners", composed by the sexy bass singer Jennifer, the guitarist Tyler, the drummer Sam and the handyman Hugo. Their incompetent and alcoholic manager Jeff is incapable to help them to reach success and they are on the road on tour playing in clubs and bars in Canada and United States of America. After a show in a bar in Montreal, Jennifer, who is also the Joey's former girlfriend, leaves the place with the creepy Queeny, who is a vampire, and they spend the night together. On the next morning, Jennifer does not meet the band and they travel in their hearse to participate in a rock 'n' roll show without her. In the last moment, Jennifer arrives with a different appearance and on the next day they find that their home page had had several hits, all of them with good reviews and compliments to Jennifer...
Malcolm McDowell as Eddie Van Helsing
Iggy Pop as Victor
Henry Rollins as Rockin' Roger
Dave Foley as Jeff
Paul Anthony as Tyler
Mike Lobel as Sam
Jessica Paré as Jennifer
Moby as Beef
Alice Cooper as Bartender
Rob Stefaniuk as Joey
Chris Ratz as Hugo
Barbara Mamabolo as Danielle
Carole Pope as Club Bouncer
Dimitri Coats as Queeny
Alex Lifeson as Border Guard
Full cast

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Alright,i'm a twilight fan. but this looks hilarious! i sooo want to see it! the trailers look great. i was laughing at all of them. haha. but me nd my friends r definately going


this movie is veryyyy wrong for kids to watch. it should be rated R not PG-13. the previews that are advertised on television do not give you an idea of how trashy it is. the twilight movies were more appropriate by far. my 13 year old and 14 year old had to leave the movie because of the filthy language and inappropriate scenes. WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY AND TIME!!!!


I often have seen movies and 9 times out of 10 I feel that it just wasn't the twenty bucks or so after popcorn that I paid. Not with this movie. It was worth every penny. Pure slapstick comedy from start to finish and the people who have disliked this movies are probably among the fools that liked the original so much they couldn't stand of have it made fun of. Fan or hater of twilight, go see this!!!


it is a dangerous thing to spoof a successful franchise without a great or at the very least,talented team behind you. This could have been a clever and successful venture for lovers and haters alike. They rushed it,and put something stupid and trashy together that a few middle school boys could have put together for Youtube. Only thing that impressed me the tiniest bit was the lead actresses mimicking of Stewarts mannerisms. I stayed,but regret even paying matinee price. also...should have been rated R


Very funny, good parody. The lead actress sure had Kristen Stewart down to a T. We laughed at the clever takeoff of each of the Twilight scenes and situations. I reccommend this to any Twilight movie fan. See it!

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