Gun (2010)

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A drama set in the world of gun-running.
Paul Calderon as Detective Jenkins
Val Kilmer as Angel
James Remar as Detective Rogers
50 Cent as Rich (as Curtis Jackson)
Danny Trejo as Frankie Makina
Christa Campbell as News Reporter
AnnaLynne McCord as Gabriella
Mark Famiglietti as ATF Agent Peterson
Hassan Johnson as Clinton
Malik Barnhardt as Frankie
John Larroquette as Sam
Charles Malik Whitfield as Dante
LaLa Vazquez as Mona (as LaLa Vazquez)
Michael Matthias as Massimo
Gary Darnell Jackson Jr. as Young Rich
Jill Dugan as Angel's Wife
Kristin Kandrac as News Reporter #2
Alton Clinton as Ali's Crew #1
Josh Carrizales as Valentine
Anthony Kennedy as Rich's Dad
Justin Daniel Kilduff as Bartender
Mike Malin as A.T.F. Agent Monroe
EJ Scalzi as Yuppy
Full cast
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Dirty Ding Dong

Gerard Butler takes it to an entirely different level of acting in this film. For those who already like Butler, his performance in this will absolutely blow you away. This movie is 100% full on. They suck all of your emotions in by hiding nothing. All of the macabre violence and torture that goes on in the Sudan is accurately displayed in this movie, and Butler delivers Oscar worthy responses to the violence and death, in each scene. Go see this now. DO IT!


Machine Gun Preacher is not for the faint of heart. It's based on a true story about a man who gives up a life of drugs and crime after becoming a Born-again Christian. He goes over to Sudan to help build a church, and discovers the horrific war being waged upon the women and children. He knows he has to do something, so he undertakes the tremendously difficult project of building an orphanage. I want to say that everyone should see this movie, because although I knew that there was and is a war going on in Sudan, I didn't really know the extent of it... and this movie was really an eye-opener. Gerard Butler is fantastic as the turbulent Sam Childers, and he really pulls off every aspect of this character, from the violent, addicted, ne'er-do-well, to the heartbroken man who has witnessed unspeakable horror, to the vengeance-seeking soldier who picks up a rocket launcher and throws himself into a war that's not his own. Go see it, but be prepared for the violence.


What a great movie. It has it all. Great story, great cast, action and drama. I highly recommend this movie for it's overall quality. I'm so happy I saw it.


This movie is very inspiring and should be seen by everyone out there. It will ignite a Passion for God and Compassion for people, which causes Faith to effectively make a difference in the world!


I watched Machine Gun Preacher and was both disturbed and thrilled. The disturbing part was how incredibly sad and scary the lives of the children are in that part of Sudan. And that this movie is based on real life, and that the events are happening right now, is truly scary. It makes me appreciatemore all that I have. The thrilling part was watching how well everything was put together in the movie. The acting was terrific and there were no weak characters. It was balanced nicely between the violence and emotional parts. The movie pulled you in and kept you there throughout. Well done! Especially for a Hollywood movie. I hope it does well in its limited release, so that it can be released to a wider audience.

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