Mo (2007)

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Every kid wants to be cool and fit in - life's a blast even when you're different. When Mo's reflection is revealed, he sees a body that doesn't quite resemble any of his peers. Here, he tells the tale of his youth, growing up on the south shore of Long Island, New York- How his parents support him, how his wacky brother keeps him laughing, and how his friends help him to escape. After discovering that the reason behind all of his physical differences is a genetic mutation called "Marfan Syndrome", Mo is forced to come to terms with a more serious reality: he will never be able to do many of the things that the people around him take for granted and he will have to prepare himself for a major heart surgery. As we venture away from our own realities, Mo takes us into his world of hanging out, discovering girls, dealing with school and the doctor's office, going to parties, trying sports, getting stoned, and contemplating God.
Margo Martindale as Pam
Adam LeFevre as Jim
Kelly Coffield Park as Wendy Rabinowitz (as Kelly Coffield)
Erik Per Sullivan as Mo
Jordan Charney as Dr. Leahman
Shayna Levine as Michelle
Brian Scott Lederman as Ben
Marlon Sherman as Little Mo
Max Miner as Young Ben
Ben Levin as Sean
Asher Grodman as Brett
Mark Keller as Marro
Monica J.Y. Lederman as Madeline (as Monica Lederman)
Luke Poirier as Baby MO
Susan Doukas as Dr. Romankoff
Full cast

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fans of the book series will appreciate this much more than a casual movie goer. they probably should've pulled a george lucas and used a later book for the starting point of this 'possible' movie franchise. with critics universally trashing o-f-t-m, yet fans going in droves, there's no sequel guaranteed at this point. this is the polar opposite of a film like men who stare @ goats, which critics slobbered over and movie goers walked out of. i was one of those who bolted, as it was truly garbage. anyway, go see o-f-t-m for the story, then buy the book. a second movie, showing MUCH more of grandma mazur and lula, along with more explosions and stephanie's libido would make mucho dinero! here's hoping for a proper sequel...


After reading all 18 books you can say I have some expectations... Debbie Reynolds (Grandma Mazur) looks younger than the daughter or Stephanie's mom. Did NOT like the choice for Joe Morelli and there was not a true laugh throughout the whole movie. Since when has Stephanie Plum been able to hit a target? In this movie she can.... It's like they took the 1st 4 books and made them into one movie. I could have fallen asleep and wouldn't have missed a thing! I went with 2 other women, 1 read the books and 1 never had. She was as disapponted as we were in this movie. The most exciting part of this movie is when the car blows up... It's that AWFUL!!!

OC Laurie

My friend and I bought cheap tickets on Groupon and dragged our husbands & young sons to see it. We're Plum fans. They're "Stephanie Who?" The book is full of laugh out loud funny characters. The movie has a few good laughs, but with characters like Grandma Mazur, I expected it to be funnier. I was worried about the casting of the main characters (I've read the series and "know" them.) But they workwell enough. Leaving out the more intense scenes keeps the movie light and enjoyable. The language isn't PG, but it's pervasive, nor is it new to most kids. The nudity is humor related (a very old nudist) and otherwise pretty modest. The violence reminds me of an old western: not much to see, not much blood. The kids were not freaked, nor grossed out. Bottom line: we all enjoyed it. Could you wait for DVD? Certainly. I rated it "GO" because while it's not brilliant, a variety of people like it well-enough.


There were big expectations for this film. Loyal fans of Janet Evanovich held their breath in ancitipation of this first--in what we hope will be an Evanovich dynasty--our hopes were high. I pity the person who takes a much loved book and turns it into a movie. Not everyone, and I mean not everyone will agree on the correct person for each part. We had contests with our actor names choices. There were big shoes to fill, much like the Twilight series. But I have to say that the actors chosen didn't let us down. It was funny and dangerous and exciting. The actors delivered. My husband even enjoyed it. I heard him laugh outloud plenty of times. So I say, critics be hanged. Loyal fans will see the characters they've already witnessed in their head come alive on the screen. Good luck to the film makers and actors. Good job.


hilarious movie. Lots of cheesy double entendre and eyes flashing but the jokes are good, the supporting actors(debbie reynolds et al) are right on target. Katherine looks really good too. A definite go.

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