Sucker Punch (2008)

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Ray 'Harley' Davidson is a hustler. With flash clothes and a fast mouth, Harley lives life in the fast lane. With his passion for all things gambling, money runs like water through Harley's hands and as quickly as he makes a killing he takes a beating, normally at the poker table. Nominally an illegal prize-fight manager, Harley hasn't produced a live one in months, until Charles Buchinsky literally wanders into his life. Charles Buchinsky, street fighter extraordinaire. He's from out of town looking for a fight and the chance to tie up a few loose ends. Keeps himself to himself, lets his fists do the talking and his word is his bond. Victor Maitland, top illegal fight promoter and porn baron. Hates losing and loves the prestige of managing the best hitter in town. Harley dreams of bringing Maitland down and after seeing Buchinsky at work, engineers a fragile partnership...
Tom Hardy as Rodders
Kara Scott as Mandy
Leon Walters as Creel
Baz Warne as Coburn
Gordon Alexander as Buchinsky
Jimmy Kent as Weed
Joe Long as News
Ian Freeman as Maitland
Janet House as Isabelle
Lisa Nash as Melanie
Antonio Fargas as Baz
Danny John-Jules as Harley
Tamer Hassan as Del
John Pyle as Mr. Harriman
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...actually prefer them,but this had no standing once you got to the end. It was meant to be a nice wrap up,but only touched on one aspect of these womens' journeys. And although lots may want to hit that no button and scoff at me...i AM going to comment on the pandering..once again..to the sex-violence porn crowd,as well as the pedophilia crowd..in an "acceptable" venue. Could have been done without the stripper/dancer costumes and themes.Loud music. do not recommend.


I know that many critics did not rate sucker punch very high, but by far it is the most entertaining, eye catching, action plus movie I have seen by far. The graphics and the story are great. Don?t hear what other negative people say about a movie they don't understand, everything fits perfectly and its surprising. The music gets a 5 out of 5 stars, and story line was great, but it a must see movie for movie lovers like me!!!


To say that Sucker Punch is all style and no substance is to miss the core problem with it. It tries to do too much, but doesn't accomplish much. When you're doing a "fantasy within a fantasy to escape the harsh reality" type of story, you have to at least establish a basic connection with the character's reality. You need to know them, even if just a little, just so that when they go all dreamy and start fantasizing and escaping said reality, you understand WHERE all this dreamland is coming from. And also, it would have been a HUGE plus if what was going on in the fantasy had just a little bit of connection with reality. I'm not going into any details to avoid spoiling the "story" for those of you who haven't seen it, but that's the main problem of the movie. It fails to make us care about its characters, and instead you sit around as if you were watching a cartoon, or worse, a video game someone else is playing. I don't know about you, but to me, that's never been too much fun...


I had high hopes for Sucker Punch - gun toting, sword weilding, girls-in-miniskirts? Crazy action that reminds me of my favorite Anime/videogames...yes...sign me up! However, the story was needlessly convoluted, and the acting in some spots was laughable...I couldn't fully enjoy the action scenes. You have to develop characters for the audience to care about them...unfortunately there wasn't any of this in sucker punch. With the exception of 300...after seeing Watchmen, and then this...my conclusion is that Zach Snyder is all sizzle and no steak. I'll see Superman: Man of Steel...but that's your last chance Snyder...don't mess it up!


Visually stunning, cool effects. Confusing sometimes and not much plotwise. I keep going back and forth. It was good, I just expected a little more and wished the storyline was better.

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