The King (2007)

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The King is the story of , Australia's first and greatest home grown TV superstar. It traces his rise and rise, from working class Balaclava kid, through radio, TV, film, and back to TV again. But against this backdrop of professional success it also tracks Kennedy's personal tragedies - the loneliness, the unrealised ambitions and the terrible pressures of being Australia's first homegrown superstar in the 1950s and 60s. But The King is not just about a man - it's also the story of the birth of television, a cultural phenomenon that has helped define a nation, and make us who we are today.
Shaun Micallef as Colin Bednall
Todd MacDonald as Richard Croft
Monica Maughan as Nana Scott
Roz Hammond as Kathleen Whitta
Bernard Curry as John Wesley
Garry McDonald as Nicky Whitta
Steve Bisley as Harry M. Miller
Jane Allsop as Noeline Brown
Nick Farnell as Norm Spencer
Leo Taylor as Sir Frank Packer
Stephen Curry as Graham Kennedy
Beth Buchanan as Val Wesley
Beau Brady as Tim
Donal Forde as Geoff 'Corkie' Corke
Stephen Hall as Bert Newton
Full cast

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Crystal Skull is most definitely a true blue Indiana Jones film. That being said, it is the worst of the Indiana Jones films. Not that that is all bad. I'd still take Crystal Skull over any modern action film (Spider-Man, Pirates, Casino Royale, and Iron Man included). Anyone and everyone should see Crystal Skull, Indy fan or not, as it is the best movie is a long, long time. Still, when stacked up against the classics, it does fall short (just barely). SPOILERS: The Good: Great actions scenes. The opening at Area 5 is great as is the motorcycle chase and the graveyard fight. Good characters and Macguffin. Looks like an 80s film, is witty, really, almost classic Jones. The Bad: 2nd half losses me a little bit. Mutt is a little worrisome and the scene with the monkeys is awful. Too much CGI in River Boat scene and often times dialog is too on the nose. Didn't really care for the ending either (riding into sunset is better).


I along with many other fans have eagerly awaiting Indy's return for 19 long years! Honestly, this should have happened 10 years ago.But apparently Lucas was busy writing stellar dialogue for Jar Jar Binks.You would think that with such a long wait,this would rival if not surpass the previous 3.Right?Wrong!!The first 3 movies were all epic in scope,shot on location-And the stunts,while outrageous at times,were for the most part plausible as they used old-school stuntwork.However as with the current trend in todays movies,Kingdom follows suite with 90% green screen locale& sets,and totally unrealistic digitized action scenes.Even the animals were CG.I just rolled my eyes when Shiloe started swinging through the trees with digital monkeys.I at no time felt they were in the jungles of South America.As for the story,while aliens are always cool,it does not fit with Indy at all.I can understand Connery's refusal.I really wanted to like this one,but was hugely disappointed! 2 out of 5 DJJ


it was great to see all of the old characters on screen again, however the plot line was rediculous. it doesnt have all of the old stuff that makes the original trilogy so great. Too many computer effects, too little old school cheesy stunts. If you watch this one before all of the others, the others will be GODLY. SO-S0 MK Whoever wrote this film was smoking crack at the time. Im sorry, i dont mean to be mean but WTF! you litterly took the good name of Indiana Jones and SLAUGHTERED IT! Why must you take a perfectly good idea and ruin it? I will take Lucas's and Speilberg's mothers out on a nice seafood dinner and NEVER call them again! Give me a chizzle and some sandstone and ill engrave a better script then they have in 20 minutes. OH-NO!


In fact, this cinematic disaster is so bad that I actually invested the time to sign up here as a member of the Fandango community because I feel so compelled to save somebody from seeing this travesty...I would almost rather play Uno or spend $4 dollars a gallon on gasoline and drive around for a couple hours listening to Yanni then see this garbage. You've got to be kdding me with the horrific story line, boring co-stars (LaBeouf...god you're a tool), and terribly disastrous special effects if you want to even call them that. I get what Lucas and Spielberg attempted to do here...sell out by appeasing this younger generation with the completely over-the-top digitalized special effects that everyone else seems to do. Tell me this...sorry SPOILER ALERT if anyone actually cares..was the inclusion of the aliens actually in line with the real myth behind the crystal skulls or was it more of a mocking metaphor to alienate their own fan base...I think the latter.


I had high hopes for this movie, not only because I am a previous Indiana Jones fan, but because of the huge names put into this movie (Lucas, Spielberg, Ford, Blanchett...just to name a few). The new Indiana Jones reminded me of Disney's National Treasure having dry spells too frequently with quite a few stunts packed in all the right places. The stunts were a plus and probably the best part of the movie, but it seemed like a typical Hollywood storyline written to appeal to gradeschoolers. Although overlooked, Shia LaBeouf stole every scene he was in. My whole family went to see the opening, ages ranging from 4 to 67 and only my 8 year old cousin wasnt disappointed.

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