The Iron Lady (2011)

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Elderly and a virtual prisoner in her own home due to her concerned staff and daughter Carol, Margaret Thatcher, Britain's first woman prime minister, looks back on her life as she clears out her late husband Denis's clothes for the Oxfam shop. Denis is seen as being her rock as she first enters parliament and then runs for the leadership of the Conservative Party, culminating in her eventual premiereship. Now his ghost joins her to comment on her successes and failures, sometimes to her annoyance, generally to her comfort until ultimately, as the clothes are sent to the charity shop, Denis departs from Margaret's life forever.
Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher
Iain Glen as Alfred Roberts
Sylvestra Le Touzel as Hostess 1949
Jim Broadbent as Denis Thatcher
Olivia Colman as Carol Thatcher
Robert Portal as Grey Suited Guest 1949
Michael Culkin as Host 1949
Alexandra Roach as Young Margaret Thatcher
Harry Lloyd as Young Denis Thatcher
Phoebe Waller-Bridge as Susie
Emma Dewhurst as Beatrice Roberts
Victoria Bewick as Muriel Roberts
Stephanie Jacob as Female Guest 1949
Susan Brown as June
Alice da Cunha as Cleaner
Full cast
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Once again Ms. Streep shows what real dramatic talent is all about. She completely inhabits and is Margaret Thatcher. The stridency, ambition and forceful personality is on the mark, not to mention the look, clothing and mannerisms. This picture is a look back by Thatcher from her old age tinged witih dementia to her career as it was with no apologies, no explanations for who she was, what she believed, how she raised her children or otherwise. Nor is it meant to be. It is totally mesmerizing and highly recommended although it is more likely to be praised and appreciated by people over the age of 50 than anyone who is too young to remember her time in office.


Meryl Streep is astonishingly good as Margaret Thatcher. Unfortunately, the rest of the movie doesn't match up. The film is entertaining, but a bit all over the place. The flashbacks to Thatcher's youth and time in office are disjointed in that they aren't chronological, so it's difficult to get a sense of how things progressed unless you're already quite familiar with the major events of her tenure. And all told, not that much of her tenure in office is covered in the film. Having more of that would have helped to create a better sense of the whole person. However, Meryl makes up for everything, in that I was never bored.


Meryl Streep is fantastic. The writing and plot line were terrible. After the first half hour you want to walk out. Don't The rest of the movie gets better. I would wait to see the movie on DVD wghere you can fast forward through her dementia, Alzheimer stages, which takes up more than half the movie!


From the makeup to the subtle nuance of her gaze or her walk, Meryl is virtually undetectable as she portrays Lady Margaret Thacher. Her performance is brilliant. The movie highlights all that is important to know about this great lady and you will grow to love and understand just how difficult this woman's job was as the Prime Minister of Great Britian during the turbulent eighties. I loved it and will go again.

Nacho Baggo

Streep completely engrosses herself into being Thatcher. A perfect performance and I now have her in the lead for the Oscar over Michele Williams' MONROE. Meryl fans, Thatcher fans, and Oscar fans should see Streep's performance. The movie itself is loosely put together with the constant memory flash backs by the present day Thatcher. Her halucinations with her deceased husband become a nuisance and are the majority of the films substance which paints Thatcher as a mad woman and is unflattering. The halucinations were used far too much. See it at matinee prices. Streep nails it.

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