Hurt (2009)

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Set in Arizona, HURT follows the Coltrane family as they grapple with the untimely death of the father, Robert. Forced to abandon their privileged lifestyle, Helen Coltrane and her teenage children Conrad and Lenore are given shelter by her husband's reclusive brother Darryl in his ramshackle home in the desert. As the family reluctantly settles in, a fresh challenge is presented by the arrival of Sarah, a lovely yet troubled foster child whom Robert had pledged to take in. The family's grief turns to dread as a series of tragic, inexplicable incidents befall them.
William Mapother as Darryl Coltrane
Jackson Rathbone as Conrad Coltrane
Johanna Braddy as Lenore Coltrane (as Johanna E. Braddy)
Bruce Nozick as Franklin Goodell
Cameron Goodman as Kate
Erik Eidem as Talk Show Host / Radio DJ (voice)
Sofia Vassilieva as Sarah Parsons
Melora Walters as Helen Coltrane
Ava Gaudet as Elise Montoya
Valorie Hubbard as Real Estate Agent
Daniel Kruse as Robert Coltrane (as Daniel Kruse)
Marni McFair as Chris Parsons
Linda Bisesti as Social Worker
David Nathan Schwartz as Bill
Full cast

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The story line was incredible, the acting good, but the camera work? Several people in the theatre has to leave numerous times due to, get this, motion sickness! I myself felt ill like at an IMAX and had to sit with my eyes closed. I thoroughly enjoyed what I saw and heard. Bring a barf bag just in case.


This is not a movie about the war in Iraq. It is a movie about the psychological stress of war. It is one of the best movies I've ever seen--and I've seen a lot of movies of all types. As a woman, a parent, a sister and a US citizen it gave me much to think about... long after leaving the theater. Serious action, suspense and thought-provoking drama -- this is a film you should NOT miss. I also LOVED that there was an absence of big names in the forefront of this film. It has gotten distracting to watch "movie stars" in films these days. Stars are so over exposed I cannot lose myself to the character--I am very aware that Farrel/Roberts/Pitt/Clooney/Cruise/Hanks are up there strutting their stuff. The actors in this movie do better jobs than many big names these days (they will be "stars" soon enough) and allow you to believe that they are normal guys and you are following them on an amazing journey.


One of the more reallistic depictions of the current affairs in the middle east. Not political at all really gets into what it is to be a soldier.


Great movie. If you truly want to know what it means to be a soldier for the US army - protecting not your homeland but building a safer place for other countries from insurgents - go see this movie. As an Israeli soldier - fighting for my country on my land - I believe that these soldiers are the bravest, most courageous and deserve all the support we can give them here at home upon their return. This movie has no other agenda - not political not historical and not personal - it's engaging and keeping you tense all the way home. GO


Not for the faint of heart, but well-made. The three principal actors are wonderful, and Jeremy Renner should be considered Oscar-worthy for his performance. There are also some wonderful small parts that are surprisngly good. The director does not take sides or get too preachy, which has been a problem with other movies made about the Iraq war. Easily one of the best movies of the year.

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