Loser (2000)

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There is a remarkable similarity to 1960's "The Apartment". Where the leading man falls in love with a woman who is in love with a more powerful character, but that character does not love the woman. The leading man rescues the woman and helps her recover, while helping her to believe that her love cares for her.
Mena Suvari as Dora Diamond
Steven Wright as Panty Hose Customer
Andy Dick as Another City Worker
Jason Biggs as Paul Tannek
Dan Aykroyd as Dad
Greg Kinnear as Prof. Edward Alcott
Colleen Camp as Homeless Woman
Zak Orth as Adam
Jimmi Simpson as Noah
Robert Miano as Victor
Thomas Sadoski as Chris (as Tom Sadoski)
Bobby Slayton as Sal
Twink Caplan as Gena
Brian Backer as Doctor
Mollie Israel as Annie (as Mollee Israel)
Full cast
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This movie sucks don't watch!


Underrated. Very entertaining and fun


No.Don't go. Everything is copycat,ill timed or dependent on the girl,who is NOT Aisha, wearing skimpy clothes. See Kick *** or see Kick *** again! IDRIS,CHRIS WERE GREAT.Actually all the guys' acting was pretty good,just cheesy script and direction made it unsatisfactory...like"ok,audience,here's the funny,we are bad part.."


.....and changed from NO to SOSO. Because it was fun. But I still maintain this is not it's own movie.To my surprise,my 27 yr old sees right through making Aisha some kind of sexpot for ratings and hates that garbage. Underwear and skimpy clothes for combat? That thought was mine. Zoe is pretty good at her craft and does not need to distract with her physical appeal. This movie could have been the perfect vehicle to prove that! Actors were pretty awesome,but director just didn't have the timing right;that makes would be comedic moments too forced.Really could think of others to play Max,but J.Patric tried hard.


A special forces team that is on a black-ops mission is betrayed by a rogue CIA agent with his own agenda for world power. Presumed dead they try to figure out how to get their lives back. While they are in limbo a stranger with her own agenda approaches the leader with an offer to assist them to get back into the states and to get revenge on Max, the guy that betrayed them. As the story unfolds there is a lot of action scenes, laughes and surprises.

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