Haunted (1995)

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Professor David Ash is invited to Edbrook to calm the fears of the elderly nanny of the Mariell family. Nanny Tess is seeing things, and Ash's book debunking such phenomenon makes him a good choice to set her mind at ease and convince her she is just tired and stressed. But soon after arriving David too begins to doubt his senses, and watching the odd behavior of the three grown Mariell children doesn't make his task any easier. In fact, he begins to think Nanny Tess isn't really just tired and stressed out after all.
John Gielgud as Doctor Doyle
Liz Smith as Old Gypsy Woman
Geraldine Somerville as Kate
Kate Beckinsale as Christina Mariell
Anna Massey as Nanny Tess Webb
Aidan Quinn as Prof. David Ash
Linda Bassett as Madame Brontski
Emily Hamilton as Mary
Anthony Andrews as Robert Mariell
Alex Lowe as Simon Mariell
Hilary Mason as Elderly Lady
Edmund Moriarty as Liam
Victoria Shalet as Juliet Ash
Peter England as Young David
Alice Douglas as Clare
Full cast
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A message to Keenen Ivory: Go to Marlons house. When he comes to the door...slap him...hard, and tell him to never do this again!! "A Haunted House" is an insult to the creativeness and humor of the Wayans Brothers, of which I am a fan! This is $25.75 and an hour and twenty-six minutes we will never get back! If this movie was shot on video, it should have been deleted, immediately! It's an insult to the movie-going, paying public. We can no longer rely on Fandangos "Fan"s favorable reviews on this movie. Anyone with two brain cells who actually saw this movie would have never said "GO" (unless they have no social upbringing or education and just don't know good from bad. Maybe 'their' mother needs to be slapped!). So...OH NO!...DON'T GO! Send them a message!!! Don't pay good money for bad movies.


Well, I usually like films by the Wayans brothers and this one was pretty good. But, I just feel there were too many homosexual and porn references. There were several times that my wife and I laughed really hard though (Especially when they got wasted with the Ghost). And my wife is somewhat conservative. Now if the homosexual and porn stuff doesn't bother you, then I recommend this movie. But if it does, I don't recommend it. In regards to whether I recommend this movie for kids, I have a 17 year old daughter and I don't think I would take her to see this. I watched the Scary Movie series with her though. At the end, I do feel it was well worth the $11.25 each we spent for the tickets.


A Haunted House was no doubt the funnest movie I have ever seen in a theater! You will be in tears laughing the entire movie! It is definitely a MUST SEE if you like to laugh!


You must go my bestfriend jesica show me the trailers was SO so but when I saw the. Movie OMG lmao it was funny entertaining must go watch it !!!


This movie had its funny parts but most of the jokes where dragged out further then what they should of been. Way too man sex scenes for a funny scary movie. I wouldn't spend $5 on the bootleg of this movie

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