People Like Us (2012)

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Workaholic and sleazy businessman Sam is extremely reluctant to leave New York and go to his father's funeral. When he finally arrives, it becomes apparent that his mother and girlfriend are disappointed in him for "running away" whenever times get too emotional. Soon afterwards, he discovers that his father was sleeping around with another woman, and that Sam actually has a half-sister whom he never knew existed. His father has willed her $150,000 and has left Sam with the task of getting it to her. Frankie is a bartender also wrapped up in work just like her half-brother, and she has had a bad past and has now been left with the job of being a single parent to her troublemaker son, Josh. Josh is eleven years old but curses like a sailor and constantly makes fart jokes and sex jokes, making him popular with the bad kid crowd at school, although behind the act, Josh is depressed and lonely. Now Sam has to find a way to fix the past and reunite his mom, nephew and half-sister together ...
Devin Brochu as Simon
Sara Mornell as Dr. Amanda Goldstein
Abhi Sinha
David Burrus as Derek
Mark Duplass as Ted
Brian Graham as Biker
Full cast
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I enjoyed this movie. If you are looking for a comedy, don't pick this movie. Although there are some funny scenes, it's a drama. Worth seeing.


For those who have children who have abandoned a parent, it shows how much the children don't know about their parents but assume they know more. For the parents who have children who blame them for their lot in life, it is somewhat sad for they are aware they may not have the same opportunity to clear the air or that the child will never be able to see past the painted picture in their mind that they created when then were young.


Interesting story lines coupled with engaging characters made this a surprise experience on opening night. Recommended for a two hour take-away without a lot of fluff.


i cab be a sap sometimes and this movie was one of those time I cried a few times during the moveand for anyone who say so-so NO or OH NO! your just being a hater so lay off the haterade okay because that a freaking awesome movie every one needs to go see this movie and I mean EVERYONE


Great movie! This movie had a lot of meaning for me! I love the cast as well! It's a must go for me. I would watch it again!

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