Premium Rush (2012)

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Wilee is one of 1,500 bike couriers in Manhattan who rides on the edge by having a bike with no brakes. On this day, Wilee has a delivery that is so valuable that a corrupt NYC Detective, who needs the money, begins to chase Wilee throughout the city to get it before the envelope is delivered.
Michael Shannon as Bobby Monday
Dania Ramirez as Vanessa
Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Wilee
Aasif Mandvi as Raj
Jamie Chung as Nima
Ashley Austin Morris as Receptionist
Aaron Tveit as Kyle (Student)
Anthony Chisholm as Tito
Charles Borland as Campus Guard
Lauren Ashley Carter as Phoebe
Kevin Bolger as Squid
Wolé Parks as Manny
Kym Perfetto as Polo (as Kymberly Perfetto)
Sean Kennedy as Marco
Christopher Place as Bike Cop
Full cast
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For the continuous bike action sequences shot in NYC traffic alone it is a must see. No they are not splitting the atom here but they are also not blowing s**t up and there is minimal violence. For an action movie that is fresh. I personally love Joseph Gordon-Levitt and he carries the film well. Summer fun!


An ordinary day turns for the worse when a man picks up an envelope and is followed throughout the city by a dirty cop. Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays (Wilee) who is a bike messenger in New York City, and is someone who does not fear for his death even going at 50 miles per hour with no brakes. He picks up an envelope and is followed by Michael Shannon (Bobby Monday) throughout Manhattan. Dania Ramirez plays (Vanessa) who is on the same team as Wilee, and who must work together to do what is right,and to not be killed. Other actors in the flick are Sean Kennedy (Marco), Kym Perfetto (Polo as Kymberly Perfetto) , Anthony Chisholm (Tito), Wolé Parks (Manny), Aasif Mandvi (Raj), Jamie Chung (Nima) and Christopher Place (Bike Cop). The movie will take you on a ride of your life, and through the view of a bike messenger doing everything in their power to deliver mail. A good end of the summer flick, go catch it and have some fun. It is worth the money!


I enjoyed it. The script was pretty predictable. There were no exploding action scenes but the movie kept you going for the most part. Take the kids, the boys will the bike scenes; high speeds and jumps.


This movie was much more suspenseful than I thought. We went with only medium expectations and were pleasantly surprised. It's a great move! Full of action with an interesting storyline that gets you hooked. The action and biking throughout is excellent, and we really enjoyed the 'mapping out of the next move' sequences. A thoroughly enjoyable film!


I didn't know what to think going into this movie, but after the first few minutes, I enjoyed the rest of the movie. People may find it confusing with the back and forth, but I thought the flashbacks to fill in the story is what makes the movie I definitely want to buy this movie once it comes out on DVD. I may even watch it again in the theatres.

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