Not Fade Away (2012)

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On a train, Keith and Mick chat about the blues and the Rolling Stones are born. Douglas and Joe chat in front of a New Jersey music store, and a band is born: as Douglas's sister tells us, it's one of many that don't make it. We follow Douglas from high school (1963-64), when he sees himself as a loser, into the band, playing drums and singing backup - then as the front man. There are tensions, a breakup, an audition in front of a major player, and decisions. Douglas pursues Grace, a country-club gal with hip sensibilities who believes in him. There's also his father, working class, wanting Douglas to apply himself as he watches his own life fill with regrets.
Christopher McDonald as Jack Dietz
Brad Garrett as Jerry Ragovoy
John Magaro as Douglas
Molly Price as Antoinette
James Gandolfini as Pat
Jack Huston as Eugene
Isiah Whitlock Jr. as Landers
Bella Heathcote as Grace Dietz
Dominique McElligott as Joy Deitz
Will Brill as Wells
Meg Guzulescu as Evelyn
Gerard Canonico as Schindewulf
Brahm Vaccarella as Joe Patuto
Gregory Perri as Skip
F. Michael Haynie as The Bloat
Full cast

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The movie opens with a depiction of Jagger meeting Richards. It is charming and engaging. That is the last good moment of the movie. Just horrible. all the way around. It was like David Chase's diary was put to film, day by day. It had no start, middle or end. Without the monumental achievement of The Sopranos behind him, this dog of a script never gets made.


This is a funny, poignant story of a young man growing up in the 1960s who wants his rock group to be the next Rolling Stones. We see his awkward attempts to find love, the jealousy he inspires in another band member, the gaping generation gap with his Italian-American parents and finally his realization that achieving stardom ain't that easy. The soundtrack is a tutorial on '60s music and James Galdofini gives a great turn as the tough-love father. It's a very enjoyable movie.

Alon Patterson

The Sopranos and what's this? Audience murder. Death by boredom. Chase must either be senile or high all the time now, since this confusing mess of a movie is just sad, and what's it really about? .....I'd say loving Ludlowe just got a whole lot easier didn't it SJ? Pass on this one unless you're having trouble sleeping. This movie will knock you unconscious faster than anesthesia.


Is it an art film? Or is it just unevenly paced?! I felt for the main characters but wish I wasn't expected to read their minds so much, specially at the end. The movie relies heavily on tv programs to set historical context, sometime at against common sense, i.e, tv showing a historically significant event in the middle of a loud party where no one is watching nor would there be any reason for the tv to be on. Nevertheless, it's a sweet and quirky story and if you're in a band or a fan of music, you might enjoy it.


Despite a gifted writer/director, and the rock cred.of its executive producer Van Zandt this is little film manages to be both earnest and half-hearted. It 's surprising not be be surprised by David Chase but the Jersey kid aspires to be rock star in the 60's &70's story is sketched out with flat stereotypic characters and situations. The result is take on a pivitol era in politics , culture and the characters' lives -with little energy, sexiness or soul. There are glints of the potential for a better movie. but even reliable character actors and some promising new-comers can't overcome the pall cast by a script that doesn't seem fully committed somehow. As for music - there is much that is good though familiar. But the standouts are the great blues songs of Leadbelly and Robert Johnson and Tracie Nelson's stirring 1974 rendition of "Down So Low", which rises above the nostalgic choices on the soundtrack and shines.

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