Broken (2012)

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The story of a young girl in North London whose life changes after witnessing a violent attack.
Tim Roth as Archie
Cillian Murphy as Mike Kiernan
Bill Milner as Jed
Rory Kinnear as Bob Oswald
David Webber as Policeman 2
Denis Lawson as Mr. Buckley
Lino Facioli as Stephen
Robert Emms as Rick Buckley
Clare Burt as Mrs. Buckley
Lily James as Older Skunk
Nell Tiger Free as Anna
Eloise Laurence as Skunk
Rory Girvan as Wayne
Zana Marjanovic as Kasia
Seeta Indrani as Dr. Mortimer
Nicola Sloane as Doctor Sinclair
Faye Daveney as Saskia
Paul Thornley as Policeman 1
Martha Bryant as Sunrise
Lukas Fernandes-Pendse as Harry Barlow
Charlie Booty as Baby Skunk
Michael Fernandes-Pendse as Henry Barlow
Full cast
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One of Mark Wahlberg's good performances and a standard Markie-Mark tough guy showing. Nothing new here: A twisting and turning drama wrapped around a good script, with excellent actors. Good cinematography. Medium action. Overall entertaining, but not cerebral at all.


it was an ok movie. enjoyable, some action, good cast (nice to see Zeta Jones back) and it will be an enjoyable flick. but kind of predictable.


Looked better in the previews. Story convaluted, no real suprises, Crowe kind of a caricature, Zeta-Jones Botox injection too fresh. Alona Tal as the Walberg's assistant was the best character. She's got a future.


I found the movie almost slightly confusing. Very slow. I think Mark Wahlberg is a great actor. The story line was dragged out. I really don't recommend this film at all.


This is an entertaining thriller featuring crooked politicians and crooked ex-cops playing dangerously with each other. Crowe is the incumbent Mayor of NYC and he's in a close election race with an unknown. Walberg plays an ex-cop-turned-detective who takes pictures of cheating wives. It's a messy plot, but easy to follow and ultimately predictable. The performances are entertaining. I enjoyed following the twists and turns and was interested throughout. However, it never really impresses and I predict that I'll forget about it very quickly, with no lasting impression.

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