Bro (2012)

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Bill (Josh Jacobson), a pizza delivery guy, is threatened by Henrick, his crazy landlord (Joe Duffy), to pay overdue rent by 8:00 P.M., or Bill and his brother George (Harry Allen) will be evicted. On his way to deliver a pizza, Bill stumbles upon a 'Happy Farting Contest' between stinky contestants cramped inside a skyscraper elevator! Bill neglects his pizza delivery, so that he can compete for the $20,000 prize, and use some of it to stop their imminent eviction. Does Bill have the most smelly and offensive farts to win, or will he lose both the contest, their apartment, and his job, too?
Josh Jacobson as Bill
Daniel Garza as Pinto
Sherry Edwards as Cheesy Queen
Harry Allen as George
Joe Duffy as Henrick - Angry Landlord
McCristol Harris as Bill's Boss
Srinivasa Kapavarapu as Anass
Eiji Inoue as Masakazu
Chris Rodrick as Official
Shu Sakimoto as Nakashima
Full cast

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Looked better in the previews. Story convaluted, no real suprises, Crowe kind of a caricature, Zeta-Jones Botox injection too fresh. Alona Tal as the Walberg's assistant was the best character. She's got a future.


I as pleasantly surprised. Only wish the previews didn't reveal a major twist of the film. Go see it! Saw Haunted House today and it was trash-WAS NOT FUNNY AT ALL >_I as pleasantly surprised. Only wish the previews didn't reveal a major twist of the film. Go see it! Saw Haunted House today and it was trash-WAS NOT FUNNY AT ALL >_


I was so excited to see this movie due to some of the actors.. However, the whole movie seemed to drag. It was a good plot, but I wish I hadn't wasted my money. YOU be the judge!.


This is a gritty cop drama that takes place in New York City . Mark plays a New York cop that is involved in a shooting of a civilian [he is cleared] . He is forced to retire [he is told that it would be better for the city] and he becomes a private detective . Russell is the mayor and he hires Mark to investigate his wife , Catherine , whom he suspects is having an affair [re-election is coming up and he doesn't need the bad publicity] . Barry is Russell's opponent in the upcoming election and Kyle is running Barry's campaign . There are dirty politics at play , as well as blackmail and believability issues [who is telling the truth and who can you trust ?] . It's rated "R" for language , sexual content [there is some semi-nudity] and violence and has a running time of 1 hour & 49 minutes . It was good but not much better than what you might see in a t.v. show . It's not one that I would buy on DVD but it would be alright as a rental . Later, Steve


One of Mark Wahlberg's good performances and a standard Markie-Mark tough guy showing. Nothing new here: A twisting and turning drama wrapped around a good script, with excellent actors. Good cinematography. Medium action. Overall entertaining, but not cerebral at all.

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