Being Flynn (2012)

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Nick Flynn, in his 20s, hasn't found his place in the world yet, but hopes to be a writer. Around the time he takes a job at a homeless shelter in Boston, his father, Jonathan, who considers himself a great writer and who hasn't see Nick in years, abruptly makes fleeting contact. A few months later, the down-and-out Jonathan shows up at Nick's shelter and becomes a resident. This disorients Nick; he doesn't handle it well, compounded by Jonathan's belligerent behavior. Nick's memories of his mother, his budding relationship with a co-worker, and his own demons make things worse. Can anything improve? Is he his father's son?
Robert De Niro as Jonathan Flynn
Wes Studi as Captain
Julianne Moore as Jody Flynn
Olivia Thirlby as Denise
Victor Rasuk as Gabriel
Lili Taylor as Joy
Paul Dano as Nick Flynn
Liam Broggy as Young Nick
Dale Dickey as Marie
Thomas Middleditch as Richard
Eddie Rouse as Carlos
Steve Cirbus as Jeff
Ben Foronda as Punky Guy (as Benjamin Foronda)
Sarah Quinn as Religious Girl
Chris Chalk as Ivan
Full cast
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too depressing


The performances are incredibly good, perhaps too good. We walked out after an hour of unrelenting bleakness and self-destructive behavior on the part of both main roles. This movie should be seen only by those with an ability to absorb a plunge into the depths of human misery.


Unique, but heavy. Enjoyed the movie, but it left me longing for something more, but not sure what.


I did make it in to watch "Being Flynn" Robert De Niro at his best!!! He is an amazing actor, The picture and details are beautiful


This movie was better than I had expected even though it dragged a bit in the middle of the movie. I did cry a few times because it was a deep movie. I liked that De Niros character was a strong character who never gave up and never pitied himself and at the end he survives to witness his son as a famous poet/writer. I felt that the father & son both were heros in their own right. Great music and good acting. I would buy the music score. This movie could almost be very slow and drag thru out but good thing the director was able to keep it interesting by adding things you wouldnt expect to see. I would say that it was the writing that was lacking here if anything and that compromised the actors roles... but still worth watching!

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