Inequality for All (2013)

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A documentary that follows former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich as he looks to raise awareness of the country's widening economic gap.
Candice Bergen as Murphy Brown (archive footage)
Hillary Rodham Clinton as Herself (archive footage) (as Hillary Rodham Clinton)
Lily Tomlin as Violet Newstead (archive footage)
Sharon Gless as Christine Cagney (archive footage)
George Bush as Himself
Mary Tyler Moore as Mary Richards (archive footage)
Jon Stewart as Himself (archive footage)
Dolly Parton as Doralee Rhodes (archive footage)
Conan O'Brien as Himself (archive footage)
Barack Obama as Himself (archive footage)
Tyne Daly as Mary Beth Lacey (archive footage)
George W. Bush as Himself (archive footage)
Bill Clinton as Himself (archive footage)
Robert Reich
Michelle Obama as Herself (archive footage)
Fred Wertheimer
Full cast
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I was somewhat stunned that only myself and one other person showed up to see this film. Perhaps they do not have much of a marketing budget. All the more reason to get people into the theaters via word-of-mouth. Income inequality is not (only) about social justice, it's about the economic health and stability of our democracy. See it regardless of what side of the aisle you'd like to sit in the theater.


A must see movie that hardly anybody has seen!! Just reinforced my desire to throw up whenever I hear some 'fat cat' claim to be a 'job creator' who pays 20% less taxes than I do and who creates nothing but wealth for himself. And those shouts of 'right to work' laws which are nothing but efforts to destroy unions and to decimate the middle class even more than it already is decimated by the 'outsourcing and automation' that increases profits and dividends and abolishes jobs.


Hated to have the movie end, was so informative and presented in an entertaining way that stimulated your thoughts about the economy and the how and why it works. This is a great film for anyone who is interested in the capitalist system and the issues that affect the performance. Was not expecting to be entertained while learning.... a great combination.


Very information. I've lived through a lot of the phases he presents, and when weaved together I understand why I couldn't make progress. Less buying power--less opportunity--many of us can relate! The government has so much influence--that as citizens we need to educate ourselves, and demand and expect better economic laws and policy from our leadership. This film should be required in all college and high-school curriculums. I plan to own it myself. Wish it had greater promotion, so that more folks would go see--must see to gain the benefit!


Need to understand how we got to this state of affairs in the economy? Why it is that the rich get insanely richer while the rest of us get to foot the bills? "Inequality for All" paints an intelligent and well-researched portrait of our current times. It is so clear that only the most blind would not understand our predicament. Everyone who is part of the 99% (and the 1%) should see this and come to a better understanding about how to move forward from here.

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