Shot Through the Heart (1998)

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The horrors of war are examined from the view points of lifelong friends (Linus Roache, Vincent Perez)...
Linus Roache as Vlado
Vincent Perez as Slavko
Lia Williams as Maida
Adam Kotz as Miso
Soo Garay as Amela
Lothaire Bluteau as Zijah
Viktória Bajza as Lenka
Daniel Betts as Serbian Soldier
Balázs Farkas as Malik
Gabriella Fon as Nurse
Zoltán Gera as Nebojis
Karianne Henderson as Nadja
Róbert Irisz as Novak
Klaudia Liptai as Post Office Woman
Daniel Newman as Sasa (as Danny Newman)
Full cast

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I pursuaded my son to see the movie with me. I was disappointed that the local advertising hadn't encouraged many people to come out. But I was not disappointed in this movie. It gives you cause to pause. And consider how you approach and interact with people. It is a heart issue to show how much we love and care about people. The movie was very well performed, started slow, but drew you in. I loved it and will see it again. To everyone involved in the making of this movie, "STAY ENCOURAGED!" My son was glad to have seen the movie and through his tweeter account, has encouraged others to see it. The Heart Specialist is the kind of movie that shows individuals how we should behave as President Obama said in Tucson. It is a timely move.


Do not be fooled by the "Go" or "Must Go" ratings. The production company probably paid its interns to come on here and give high ratings to balance out the negativity. NO this movie did not have a storyline, NO this movie did not make sense, NO this movie is not relevant. NO this movie is not about Nephew Tommy in any way, or Steve Harvey's Book, or love for that matter. NO this movie does not represent African-Americans Well. NO NO NO! What does that all equate = OH Hell NO! In short, if you're looking for a PSA about protate cancer that somehow ventures off into the life of a misguided intern who is pursued for some undefined reason by a dying comedic Doctor who's writing a book about life, and does stand up at night...along with his whimisical girlfriend (Uh yeah), this might be the movie for you. However, If you're looking for a movie that has a concrete, believable, and well -constructed storyline that actually makes sense; my suggestion save your money. I wish i'd saved mine.


I usually do not write reviews, but felt compelled to say something regarding this film. This is not so much a criticism of the actors as it is the storyline that surrounds the characters in the film. To be fair the movie had a lot of great actors from back in the day, but that alone does not make up of the poor storyline. In the sense of a romantic comedy, it lacked in substance. The character bu


Okay the fandango synopsis of this movie says that it is a romantic comedy about Nephew Tommy and Brian White trying to get women..Uh did we watch the same movie? There was nothing romantic about this picture neither was there a storyline. The movie was all over the place! Mya, Marla Gibbs, Method Man, and Terrence J all made merely cameos in the movie. In fact, their characters could've been written out altogether. To be honest, I only went to see Brian White who played a callous first year doctor. His portrayal was at best unbelievable.....Says alot of good about his character as a person but not much for him as an actor. Sorry Brian but besides the shirt-less scenes you sucked in this movie. Now my girl Marla was the bright light at the end of the dark tunnel. She had me rolling all over the place. I think it's time her career saw a ressurection like Betty White. I gave this movie a No only because Oh No would hurt black cinema. What was this whole thing with Prostate Cancer? NO!


Dislike this film. Very good actors. Terrible writing and directing. (Do not even purchase a bootlet version!). We did not want to stay until the end..to slow...jokes not funny...storeline inconsistent. Won't be in the theatres long. We wanted a refund. Please do not waste your money. Shame! Shame! Shame!

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