Pluto at the Zoo (1942)

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Pluto walks past the zoo and sees the huge bone the sleeping lion has but getting it out is easier said than done...

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I went to this movie thinking that between Clooney, Spacey and McGregor I would find a movie that would prove to be interesting at least. I was wrong. Big time stinker. I am a pretty avid movie goer and this film just didn't make any sense at all. I am not sure what interesting points they were trying to make. I literally said, 'That was awful!' when the credits rolled. This is the only movie I genuinely felt like asking for my money back. This movie is only for those with a very odd sense of humor. If you consider yourself even somewhat of a normal person, run the other way. Read how many reviews say over and over again about walking out or wanting their money back. Where there is smoke, there is fire!


If you have a sense of humor that may be considered a little "off center," this is a movie for you. I laughed out loud, hard, on more than a few occasions. The story seemed a bit far fetched (it being based on actual events and all) but, I'm sure that anything is possible. The actor's performances are what you may assume they would be. Overall, I enjoyed myself and will purchase the DVD when it comes out.


My friend wanted to leave in just 30 minutes, but I said "no, lets wait". Then when I woke up she said "can we leave now?' She woke up a few minutes before me and didn't want to wake me. Popcorn was good.


Grant Heslov directed this 1.5hr comedy that was based on journalist/author Jon Ronson's 2004 book of the same title which chronicled Ronson's investigations into the U.S. Army's attempts to use psychic abilities. This wacky satire starred George Clooney, Ewan McGregor, Jeff Bridges, Kevin Spacey, Robert Patrick, and Stephen Lang - a competent cast that turned in wonderfully hilarious amusing performances that began with Stephen Lang trying(with dire consequence) to run through a wall. From then on the witty whimsical laughs just kept piling up with each scene more amusing, incredulous and outrageous than the previous. Honestly, I am STILL chuckling as I recall a few of the bizarre antics and rib-tickling scenes. Jedi-jokes aplenty - w/ Ewan keeping a straight face. Decent production values, moderate pacing plus minimalist plot and multiple flashbacks helped gel this eccentric movie. VERDICT: If you enjoy satires and farcical movies, this is a gem you MUST SEE.


This movie is based on a book that took some liberties with the sketchy facts known about army psych-out units. The first rate cast gets a chance to have some fun with outlandish locations and situations. The flashback techniques take a little getting used to, but the combination of cleverness and just plain Marx Brothers silliness is imaginative and entertaining. This is a well-written parody with a heart, not for anyone looking for an action movie, a military expose or the "paranormal." Especially fine work by Clooney and McGregor. Oh, and the goats.

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