3:10 to Yuma (1957)

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After outlaw leader Ben Wade is captured in a small town, his gang continue to threaten. Small-time...
Glenn Ford as Ben Wade
Van Heflin as Dan Evans
Felicia Farr as Emmy
Leora Dana as Mrs. Alice Evans
Henry Jones as Alex Potter, town drunk
Richard Jaeckel as Charlie Prince
Robert Emhardt as Mr. Butterfield, Stage Line Owner
Sheridan Comerate as Bob Moons (Stagedriver's Brother)
George Mitchell as Bartender
Robert Ellenstein as Ernie Collins
Ford Rainey as Bisbee Marshal
Full cast

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Who says the Western is done as a genre? This is a terrific film. There always some things in any film that make me roll my eyeballs and say "yeah, right", and this film was no exception. Like Peter Fonda's character taking a bullet in the belly then having it removed without anesthesia by a veterinarian without letting out hardly a grunt. Then he climbs back on his horse and rides all day. Nobody is *that* tough. Nevertheless, the rest of this film is awesome. It's tough, gritty, and has no silly romantic sub-plots that would've served only to bore the audience. The dynamic between Ben Wade (RCrowe, bad guy) & Dan Evans (CBale, good guy) is terrific. The acting by the entire cast is tremendous. Best remake of an old film i've ever seen (I saw the original 1957 film with Glenn Ford & Van Heflin as a kid in the '60's). This film improves on the original by a quantum leap. Don't miss this film.


In an age where people don't make westerns, the director made a damn good western. It was surprisingly relaxing not to be blasted with constant GCI. Instead, the focus is on the acting, imagine that! And there is plenty of action- the great kind of action when a gun is seriously dangerous, as opposed to a super mega mutant lab ray. Great movie, and a nice change from the normal!


If you like westerns, or even if you don't, this a movie is a must see! It was great to see Russell Crowe so on his game, and Ben Foster has the crazy-eyed, creepy villian down pat. Christian Bale with his solid, stoic, quiet performance is perfect here. In fact, there is not one actor cast that didn't add something to the whole. To be truthful, I wasn't sure what to expect and believe it or not, I'm a pretty harsh critic, but without giving anything away...this flick has one of the most "wicked giood" endings I've ever seen and that's saying something. Thanks boys! That was worth my entertainment buck and then some! Yeehaw!


This is an exceptionally WELL-DONE thriller, with fine acting by all the leads (Russell Crowe [as the outlaw leader], Christian Bale [as the problem-filled "Good Guy" rancher], Logan Lerman [as Bale's oldest son], Ben Foster [as Crowe's assistant], and admirable work by the numerous "side" characters. The Western (a remake of a 1957 classic about trying to get a prisoner to jail via an expected train) is suspenseful, well-photographed & enjoyable (except for the loyalty-challenged end, which -- in retrospect -- made little "sense" psychologically. But, since the leads take such a "bite" with their roles, I rate this as Highly Recommended.


The lead actors (Crowe and Bale) put up strong believable roles that stick with you till the end. The movie is slow to open up, but the last 1/3 of the movie is what sold it. heartfelt ending. Crowe pulled it off!! Go see this movie.

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