Jennifer (1978)

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Ostracized at a snooty private school because of her rural, poor background, a scholarship student is...
Lisa Pelikan as Jennifer Baylor
Bert Convy as Jeff Reed
Nina Foch as Mrs. Calley
Amy Johnston as Sandra Tremayne
John Gavin as Senator Tremayne
Jeff Corey as Luke Baylor
Louise Hoven as Jane Delano
Ray Underwood as Dayton Powell
Wesley Eure as Pit Lassiter
Florida Friebus as Miss Tooker
Georganne LaPiere as Dee Dee Martin
Sally Pansing as Brenda
Leslie King as Tammy (as Leslie E. King)
Ruth Cox as Nancy
Lillian Randolph as Martha
Full cast

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Monday 9/14. This 102-min horror film was screen-written by Diablo Cody(JUNO) and directed by Karyn Kusama(AEON FLUX). From the previews/trailers, I was expecting to be scared out of my skin - BUT, alas, I was disappointed because there was not enough scary scenes/moments! Instead, there were blood and gore aplenty. JENNIFER'S BODY was written as a metaphor about teen girls grappling with their new found budding sexuality and its inherent power over young men. Jennifer has a lusciously 'SALTY' body and she is HUNGRY(figuratively and literally) for boys!!! Mmmm - yum-yum!!! There were a few steamy sapphic moments to satisfy those movie-goers that are yearning some fem-on-fem action. Amanda Seyfried stole the movie w/ her compelling performance. Editing and directing = choppy, Set-design and Cinematography = above-average. Plot = average. Lines/zingers = funny. VERDICT: Horror fans and fans of A.S., Megan Fox and Diablo Cody - MUST SEE! NOT kids/family-friendly.


This movie sucked. Megan Fox plays Jennifer, the popular hot girl at school who gets possessed by a demon and starts killing off the school's male attendants. Sounds fun, right? Well, they managed to take an awesome idea and mess it up. This movie is, quite simply, boring. It was underplayed way too much, and I found myself checking my watch nonstop halfway through. This movie wasn't funny enough, scary enough, or sexy enough. It was just...BORING. If you think that you need to see it, rent it, but don't go out of your way to see it. It wasn't awful, it wasn't good, it wasn't okay, it was just boring. I wouldn't recommend that anyone see it.


I was pretty disappointed by this movie. I like Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried. I was happy that Adam Brody was included in the cast. It always bothers me when the previews are not included in the film. That happened quite a bit with this movie. It was humorous, gory, but not exactly a great horror film. There were no jumps and although there seemed to have been an attempt at a plot they failed miserably. Teens will probably enjoy this film regardless. Not appropriate for those under thirteen in my opinion. It wasn't worth the $9.50 ticket price. However, renting it might be worth it. Cheesy acting, lots of nudity....entertaining? Not so much.


As a female horror fan, I must say that this is a start. It may not be the perfect horror film, but as a horror fan I felt I had to go see it. Men are the victims in the film but you will see why. I especially loved the very end because it completed the film and I felt satisfied. This film was funnier than it was scary, but it was very entertaining so I think it's worth watching. People take horror films too seriously! You can't compare this to Alfred Hitchcock or Stephen King or Japanese original horror films! If you do, of course you will be disappointed. See it for fun that's all.


typical non-horrifying stupid retarded non-funny

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