Shoot 'Em Up (2007)

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Late at night, in an unnamed U.S. city, a solitary man sits at a bus stop. A pregnant woman runs by, pursued by a man with a gun. With reluctance, the man at the bus stop rescues her and assists with the baby's delivery, while additional pursuers fire at them, including the gang's particularly nasty leader, an intuitive man named Hertz. Our hero, known only as Smith, determines to save the child and find out why Hertz wants the baby dead. At a local bordello, he tries to employ a lactating hooker to watch the child, but things quickly escalate, and this makeshift family is soon on the run. Heavy metal music calms the baby. Why? A laboratory, gun factory, and presidential campaign all figure in Smith's quest for the child's safe deliverance.
Clive Owen as Smith
Paul Giamatti as Hertz
Monica Bellucci as Donna Quintano
Stephen McHattie as Hammerson
Greg Bryk as Lone Man
Daniel Pilon as Senator Rutledge
Sidney Mende-Gibson as Baby Oliver
Lucas Mende-Gibson as Baby Oliver
Kaylyn Yellowlees as Baby Oliver
Ramona Pringle as Baby's Mother
Julian Richings as Hertz's Driver
Tony Munch as Man Who Rides Shotgun
Scott McCord as Killer Shot in Behind
Wiley M. Pickett as 1st Killer (as Wiley Pickett)
Stephen R. Hart as Club Bouncer
Full cast
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Shoot 'Em Up is brilliant and simple at the same time. If you love over the top action films in the tradition of John Woo's Hard Boiled and The Killer, then this is pure bliss. It's easy on the brain and heavy, heavy, heavy on the action. Honestly, I don't even remember much about the plot. Clive Owen and Monica Belucci are protecting a baby boy from Paul Giamatti and his endless army of hitmen. They killed the kid's Mom and they want to finish the job or something like that. Once the action starts rolling and the soundtrack starts pumping, you really don't care too much about details. I'll definitely see this one again and add it to my dvd collection.


I went to a private screening, and did not know what to expect. The storyline is definetley not what drives this movie...so if you're looking for a good plot, and background story you'll probably be dissapointed. The reason why I say this is a MUST GO, is truely because of how great the action scenes are! There is always a movie that comes out that I rent at home instead of going to see at the theaters, and after watching it I say to myself...."damn that would of been SOOOOO cool to see on the big screen!" Folks....this is that movie! No one that saw the movie when I was there was dissapointed. It was actually the first movie I saw all year that everyone clapped at the end of! So go see for yourself!


Yes, I said it...this movie is totally going to be about explosions, shooting, insane action and twisted humor...right up my alley! Granted, it will probably not have the most in depth plot or the most intriguing dialogue...but come on. It's called "SHOOT 'EM UP". You were expecting Shakespeare???


Wow! What fun! This is definitely a "boy's movie." The violence is cartoonish- kind of like a graphic novel (comic book) brought to life, injected with steroids, methedrine and testosterone, 100 cups of coffee and rocket fuel, then given guns and ammo and set loose in a lunatic asylum. It's James Bond without the T&A, Sergio Leone without the squining brooding, multiplied by a thousand. Don't bother counting bodies, let alone bullets. The action is inventive, violent and non-stop. There are plenty of laughs, mostly from the ridiculously impossible stunts and situations. Clive Owen is perfect as the dour loner forced to be the white-hat vigilante in black leather, dispensing justice via high caliber rounds. Paul Giamatti hits the target as the Bad Guy, ruthless and unrelenting. It is a totally escapist film, for you and for the main characters. The title doesn't lie. See it! Bang!


clive owen was great in the movie. from beginning till the end the movie was non stop action. there are holes in the movie that they leave you hanging, but that leaves you to make your on decisions on the matter. i don't want to give to much away, but if you like action movies you will like the movie. i thought the idea was there for the movie and you can see the bigger picture and i loved it

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