The Invasion (2007)

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While returning to Earth, the space shuttle explodes and the fragments bring an alien virus that recodes the human DNA. In Washington, the psychiatrist Carol Bennell observes the modification of the behavior of one of her clients first, then in her former husband and finally in the population in general. Together with her friend Dr. Ben Driscoll the researcher Dr. Stephen Galeano, they discover that the extraterrestrial epidemic affects human beings while sleeping and that her son Ollie, who had chickenpox when he was a baby, is immune to the disease and may save mankind from the outbreak.
Nicole Kidman as Carol Bennell
Daniel Craig as Ben Driscoll
Jeremy Northam as Tucker Kaufman
Jackson Bond as Oliver
Jeffrey Wright as Dr. Stephen Galeano
Veronica Cartwright as Wendy Lenk
Josef Sommer as Dr. Henryk Belicec
Celia Weston as Ludmilla Belicec
Roger Rees as Yorish
Eric Benjamin as Gene
Susan Floyd as Pam
Stephanie Berry as Carly
Alexis Raben as Belicec's Aide
Adam LeFevre as Richard Lenk
Joanna Merlin as Joan Kaufman
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This movie is extremely good. If you are looking for a scary movie, this is an OK movie but if you are looking for a thriller movie that kids and around the age of 9+ can watch, this is a perfect movie. I thouroughly enjoyed it and I think you would too.


If not for the beautiful Nicole Kidman, this one would be a total waste of time. Poor story and even poorer special effects, this version of the "Body Snatchers" can't hold a candle to the Sutherland remake of the same movie. The ending is expecially bad. Summarizes the entire movie all within 1 min. I love SciFi but just can't recommend this one.


Primarily wanted to see this because I am a fan of Daniel Craig. Was not aware that Jeffery Wright was also part of the cast-another of my favorite actors. Interesting to see how the old movie had been updated, and the fact that it ends on a hopeful note. Good acting-such as it was-not that the actors were bad, but that the script was pretty predictable-the word trite comes to mind. As I generally go to see films to be entertained-this was pretty good entertainment.


I seriuosly thought that, that was one of the best movies ive ever been too and i know im going to be the first one to buy it when it comes out on DVD I loved it ...But it's definately a movie to go see with a friend to hold your hand when your scared.... ScixFi_chick


We liked the realistic portrayal of your failed human civilization crumbling to pieces. You people claim to want peace, love, and happiness but, when an advanced culture offers you that dream, everyone heads for the exits. When will egotistical mankind finally grow up and join the rest of the galaxy in spiritual bliss?

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