Michael Clayton (2007)

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Michael Clayton, a high-priced law firm's fixer, leaves a late night poker game, gets a call to drive to Westchester, and watches his car blow up as he's taking an impromptu dawn walk through a field. Flash back four days. He owes a loan shark to cover his brother's debts (Michael's own gambling habits have left him virtually broke). His law firm is negotiating a high-stakes merger, and his firm's six year defense of a conglomerate's pesticide use is at risk when one of the firm's top litigators goes off his meds and puts the case in jeopardy. While Michael is trying to fix things someone decides to kill him. Who? Meanwhile his son summarizes the plot of a dark fantasy novel.
Tom Wilkinson as Arthur Edens
Michael O'Keefe as Barry Grissom
Sydney Pollack as Marty Bach
Danielle Skraastad as Bridget Klein
Tilda Swinton as Karen Crowder
George Clooney as Michael Clayton
Wai Chan as Chinese Dealer
Alberto Vazquez as Player #1
Brian Koppelman as Player #2
Thomas McCarthy as Walter
Denis O'Hare as Mrs. Greer
Julie White as Mrs. Greer
Austin Williams as Henry Clayton
Jennifer Van Dyck as Ivy
Frank Wood as Gerald
Full cast
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George Clooney is as charismatic as ever in the role of Michael Clayton. In plain words he is a legal firm's "fixer-upper", playing a role similar to that of Aaron Eckart in Thank You For Smoking (although not funny). This movie is made out to be very serious almost like an actual class-action lawsuit. The case begins to build on itself, continues to build and then eventually comes to a conclusion. The movie dragged on trying to "build the case" and finally came to in the final 30 minutes of the film. Slow movie with a good ending...


Having worked in the legal profession many years it is hard to imagine that this film can take something that on the surface is so boring and make it into a suspenseful thriller that is not only exciting but plausible. This is a lean film with purposeful moments. Well crafted, well acted and the kind of film that reminds me of why I go to the movies. Bravo !!!!


Although I had trouble keeping up, I enjoyed this movie. It held my attention and made me think. George Clooney is at his best -- he's serious (no smirk on his face), somber and interesting to watch. This movie proves that you can produce a good movie without resorting to mucho violence, gunplay and explosives. Instead, the characters and plot are focal points.


What I love about Michael Clayton is that I didn't completely understand every detail, but I still "got it". I began watching this movie knowing that I do not like its genre; there is much on the side of legal situations that I simply do not comprehend. However, what is so gripping about this very smart thriller is its analysis of both insanity and reality. The screenplay is centered on its words, as opposed to action, and thus conveys much more than the average legal/crime thriller. George Clooney is excellent as always, and the final scene, superimposed by credits, provides a thought-provoking end. My only complaint regards Tilda Swinton's Oscar win because I found that Tom Wilkinson was much more deserving of a win in his category. I do understand the "silent evil" that Tilda presents in her character, but I think it was a rather forgettable performance. Wilkinson's, on the other hand, was haunting and really establishes the true essence of the film.


George Clooney gave the best performance of his career. Tom Wilkinson is brilliant as well. Sidney Pollack and George Clooney perform a killer act working together. The plot is full of twists and turns and keeps you on the edge of your seat. It might be a bit long, but definitely worth the effort. Highly recommend.

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