The Darjeeling Limited (2007)

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A year after the accidental death of their father, three brothers -- each suffering from depression - meet for a train trip across India. Francis, the eldest, has organized it. The brothers argue, sulk, resent each other, and fight. The youngest, Jack, estranged from his girlfriend, is attracted to one of the train's attendants. Peter has left his pregnant wife at home, and he buys a venomous snake. After a few days, Francis discloses their surprising and disconcerting destination. Amid foreign surroundings, can the brothers sort out their differences? A funeral, a meditation, a hilltop ritual, and the Bengal Lancer figure in the reconciliation.
Owen Wilson as Francis L. Whitman
Adrien Brody as Peter L. Whitman
Jason Schwartzman as Jack L. Whitman
Amara Karan as Rita
Wallace Wolodarsky as Brendan
Waris Ahluwalia as The Chief Steward
Irrfan Khan as The Father
Barbet Schroeder as The Mechanic
Camilla Rutherford as Alice
Bill Murray as The Businessman
Anjelica Huston as Sister Patricia Whitman
A.P. Singh as Taxi Driver (as A.P. Singh)
Kumar Pallana as Old Man
Dalpat Singh as Waiter
Trudy Matthys as German Lady #1 (as Trudy Mathis)
Full cast
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Three of use went to see it and we all LOVED it. My friend who used to live in India kept cracking up and saying, "That's what it's like! That's exactly what it's like!" Afterwards he explained, "In India, the most RANDOM things happen--your shoe gets stolen, your train gets lost, you end up at a stranger's funeral--it's exactly like that!" I'm mentioning this in case anyone points out that the movie feels random and quasi-plotless at times: yeah, it does, because it's about three Wes Anderson characters IN INDIA. What else could it be but randomly mixed hilarity and pathos, color and darkness, absurdity and lucidity, life and death? Fantastic!


i like wes anderson films. i like the cast. i like movies about finding yourself. i like quirky comedies. i like art house films. i like everything this movie wanted to be. but sitting in this movie, i was just waiting for it to end. the first mini-film was arduous and boring. it was basically 15 minutes filled with 3 minutes worth of script. the main feature wasn't much different... an hour and a half filled with about 30 minutes worth of material, spaced out amongst disjointed pointlessness. you can't make humor subtle by saying it slowly with bad pacing, and you can't make metaphors poignant by showing them over and over again. at the end, even though i could predict everything the characters would say or do, i didn't care about any of it or any of them. if you enjoy sitting around waiting for something to happen, i guess maybe you'll enjoy this movie... but it's not even in the same league as his earlier films.


Don't listen to the conventional wisdom that Wes Anderson is just repeating himself. Like all great artists the themes remain similar; alienation, family, individuality, longing, regret, existential angst, and the humor required to navigate it all. But his films are still getting deeper, truer and more poignant. One of the funniest lines in the movie comes repeatedly as people recognize themselves in one of the brother's short stories "The characters are fictional" Movies are fictional, but when they touch us so deeply, we know they are not really...


Not too many modern filmmakers actually care about actual filmmaking these days. One exception is Wes Anderson who is so meticulous about every single thing seen and heard in every single shot of his movies that usually you have to see his films more than once. The same care has gone into the making of "The Darjeeling Limited" but this time most people should be able to "get it" with one viewing -- the story is much more straight-forward than his last two efforts. It's also very funny and very sad and ultimately very uplifting. The acting is superb, the scenery is gorgeous and the dialogue is quirky but realistic. What more could you ask for? Oh right, as usual, Anderson's pop music choices are pitch perfect, especially the use of three Kinks' songs from the "Lola versus Powerman and the Money-Go-Round" album. Run, don't walk.


Very quirky, odd and unique. We loved it. The LA times review really said it best with "Wilson, Brody and Schwartzman are like a contemporary, depressive version of the Three Stooges, and there's something inspired about Anderson's decision to cast them as brothers. " They are all trying to deal with the death of their father and abandonment by their mother - you may not like them, but they're strangely real and you can't deny the 'flow' of the story is spot on. Superb acting and direction. Wish we hadn't waited so long to see it!

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