Then She Found Me (2007)

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39-year-old April Epner's childish husband and school teacher colleague Benjamin/Ben leaves her, but with her biological clock ticking ever more loudly. Her dying bossy adoptive mother is very vocal about her disappointment, while her natural son Freddy, a doctor, is most understanding. Shy but fascinating British author Frank meets April, his doted son Jimmy Ray's teacher, which soon leads to a full-flung affair. At the same time April's birth mother Bernice Graves locates her and begins attempting to establish a relationship. On top of all these balls in the air, April discovers she's finally expecting Ben's baby.
Helen Hunt
Bette Midler as Bernice Graves
Colin Firth as Frank
Matthew Broderick as Ben Green
Ben Shenkman as Dr. Freddy Epner
Lynn Cohen as Trudy Epner
John Benjamin Hickey as Alan
Salman Rushdie as Dr. Masani
Daisy Tahan as Ruby
Tommy Nelson as Jimmy Ray
Stephanie Yankwitt as Stacey
Lillias White as Sheila
David Callegati as Gianni
Kenneth Stern as Rabbi (as Rabbi Kenneth A. Stern)
Robert LuPone as Ted
Full cast
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Helen K Garber

An excellent first directing effort by Helen Hunt and how lucky to have such great talent to work with, including herself. Just wished that she had an advisor looking over her shoulder at the dailies to see how disturbingly haggard she looked. Size 0 doesn't quite work for a 40 year old women on a 40 foot screen. Also, it was not a do***entary or a reality show, and it was part of her duty as a director is to light her lead as an award winning, beloved actress is expected to look, playing the part of a teacher. It makes you understand the ageism problem for women in Hollywood. We don't age as well as the men and it becomes distracting to the story when either bad cosmetic surgery or in this case, poor make up, hair and lighting makes us think more about the way an actress looks than the story. So directors, actors, and plastic surgeons, take note and please allow your middle aged actors to show their age as gracefully as possible so we can fully enjoy the film.


This was a surprisingly good movie once Colin Firth stepped onto the scene. It was nice to see him actually have more than a couple scenes in which he actually gets to act, show vulnerability and engage in some very steamy love scenes - as well as loving family dad scenes. Worth the price of admission just to see that . . . However, I must add that Helen Hunt's directing debut was absolutely right on! Sorry - I cannot say the same for her acting in this role - it really seems she was miscast as well as Mathew Broderick. No excuses - can't save money making a movie by throwing the baby out with the bath water. Luckily - Colin Firth, as well as Bette Midler, created enough magic to make this movie really entertaining! They delivered rock-sold acting - Bravo! I really enjoyed it!


I loved it!!


I saw this movie as a sneak preview and had free tickets. I went even though I figured it for an embarrassing chickflick... but instead found it had genuine backbone, a sense of subtlety, and characters that emerged beyond themselves and their roles. Even Bette Midler's character, who seemed over-the-top hammy at first, deepened. The movie's accurate depiction of adult sexuality (break-up sex, abortive premature-ejaculation sex, infantile romantic moves on the part of grown humans) was a relief, to me. The depiction of genuine anger from the romantic lead, and the depiction of an adult approach to reconciliation, was also just... astonishing. It's not a perfect movie. As others have said, Helen Hunt's aged physical depiction was frankly distracting, and Bette Midler wasn't amazing... but people who are looking for honesty in film will, like me, I think, be pleased and surprised. I laughed, I got choked up, and, after, I felt like I understood life a little better.


As a single 40 year old woman I could really relate to the lead in this film. Helen Hunt gave an excellent nuanced performance. Colin Firth was also great as her love interest (and is that even relative? - I could watch him read the phone book and be pleased.) This film won't be for everyone, but for those who enjoy character based stories you will enjoy this one. The plot is based on a complex, difficult and pivotal time for the lead character and the choices she is faced with are very real for a lot of people. I will watch this movie again.

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