The Love Guru (2008)

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Born in America, but raised in Havemahkeeta in India, with a population of 76, Maurice had always to better Deepak Chopra, and be sexually active, ever since he was 12. His Guru, Tugginmypudha, while approving of Deepak, cautions Maurice and has a chastity belt put around his waist. Years later, Maurice has established himself as Guru Pitka in America, but would like to appear in the Oprah Show and be better than Deepak Chopra. When Jane Bullard from the the Toronto Maple Leafs hires him to counsel their star hockey player, Darren Roanoke, to win back his wife, Prudence, from Kings' star player, Jacques Grande, and also stand up to his dominating mother, Lilian, he agrees to do so - with hilarious results.
Justin Timberlake as Jacques 'Le Coq' Grande
Deepak Chopra
Rob Blake
Meagan Good as Prudence Roanoke
Ben Kingsley as Guru Tugginmypudha
Romany Malco as Darren Roanoke
Verne Troyer as Coach Punch Cherkov
Manu Narayan as Rajneesh
John Oliver as Dick Pants
Stephen Colbert as Jay Kell
Jim Gaffigan as Trent Lueders
Full cast

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You will be extremely disappointed in this movie. There were only a few times that I even chuckled, other than that, it was not funny! Mike myers movies' are known for their "hidden humor", however this movie should have been rated R for the amount of sexual content and visuals on sexual organs. WHATEVER YOU DO , DO NOT ALLOW YOUR CHILDREN OF ANY AGE TO WATCH THIS MOVIE!! In the Austin powers movies it was present and we were still able to get the humor and bust out laughing, but he has crossed the line in this movie by FAR. If you are curious to see it, definately WAIT to watch it on cable because I am sure this horrible movie will be on DVD next week!


Ok, if you love Mike Myers, you have to go see this. Silly comedy in the classic Mike Myers style. STarted out a little slow, but after a few minutes I was laughing hard and forgetting about the bad week I had at my job. The movie has lots of special appearances and of course, lots of hidden adult humor. My 12 year old daughter didn't "get" alot of it and it wasn't too vulgar or crude for her. All in all, if you just want to escape the real world for a couple of hours, this movie is lots of fun!!


I'm being generous because its Mike Meyers and I love his characterizations - normally. Love Guru just seems like a retread of Austin Powers. The main character is self absorbed, somewhat jealous of another character in the film, thinks constantly of sex, has all sorts of trade mark sayings, and makes fun of every bodily function. Take your pick - Austin Powers or Guru Pitka? Underneath the set designs and costumes, its really just the same film, same gags, and same characters. Justin Timberlake added a little something to the cast with his portrayal of a French Canadian Hockey Star, Jessica Alba was there for eye candy, and the funniest bit of the film was the Indian Musical slant in the closing credits. Why didn't they incorporate those sooner? All said and done, if you like Mike Meyers you'll probably be somewhat forgiving of the lack of new material. Mike's humor was once cutting edge but, like a joke you've heard a dozen times, eventually you tire of it. Mariska Hargitay everyone.


This movie started off slow with some poor "Mariska Hargitay" slapstick, but continued to a climax of shear humor. Mike Myers is the king of slapstick in an age of dry or slow humor. His style may not be for everyone, but it will definately give a laugh or two for those that are open minded to this kind of comedy. Overall, this gave me a laugh and I suggest that if you still aren't sure - it's definitely worth a mattinee. It is pure comedy, so don't go expecting to see "Titanic" style drama... just have fun!


GO SEE THIS MOVIE!! Great character acting by everyone involved. A very good story line, very funny. I would not take small children, as the humor is for older teenagers or adults. GREAT MOVIE!!!!!!!!

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