Miracle at St. Anna (2008)

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Christmas, 1983. A New York postal clerk, a Buffalo Soldier in Italy in World War II, shoots a stranger. In his apartment, police find a valuable Italian marble head, missing since the war. Flashbacks tell the story of four Black soldiers who cross Tuscany's Serchio River, dodging German and friendly fire. With a shell-shocked boy in tow, they reach the village of Colognora. Orders via radio tell them to capture a German soldier for questioning about a counteroffensive. In the village, a beautiful woman, partisans that include a traitor and a local legend, the boy, and the story of a recent massacre connect to the postal worker's anguish forty years later. And the miracle?
Derek Luke as 2nd Staff Sergeant Aubrey Stamps
Michael Ealy as Sergeant Bishop Cummings
Laz Alonso as Corporal Hector Negron (Young / Old)
Omar Benson Miller as Private First Class Sam Train
Pierfrancesco Favino as Peppi 'The Great Butterfly' Grotta
Valentina Cervi as Renata
Matteo Sciabordi as Angelo Torancelli (The Boy)
John Turturro as Detective Antonio 'Tony' Ricci
Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Tim Boyle
John Leguizamo as Enrico
Kerry Washington as Zana Wilder
D.B. Sweeney as Colonel Driscoll
Robert John Burke as General Ned Almond
Omari Hardwick as Platoon Commander Huggs
Omero Antonutti as Ludovico
Full cast

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DTS freak

Don't let the trailer fool you, this is a WW II movie all the way with the exception of 10 minutes of the film, so all you WW II fans should be very pleased. The plot is belieavle ( as it was with Private Ryan) , the cinematography was the real deal no blue screen, and no shooting @ some Universal Studios lot. The dialogue was also original not some bad imitation on the Italian and German languages this made the film so much more realistic. The film I found it to be powerful and some scenes were brutally accuarate in depicting the savagery of the Nazi soldiers. I hope this films gets some award(s) next year ,it trully deserves some mention from the Academy .


[Based on an advance preview:] I had an uncle LAURIE who?d been an American PILOT fighting the Axis in Italy in World War II. He?d once commented to me that, tho a number of his fellow pilots were fairly racist & disliked working with the all-black American TUSKEGEE AIRMEN, he?d found them to be EXCELLENT pilots & was always PLEASED to have them helping out on missions. That same basic WWII racism is at the heart of Spike Lee?s new movie about a company of black SOLDIERS fighting and getting caught behind enemy lines in northern Italy. DEREK LUKE plays Staff Sgt Stamps; MICHAEL EALY is Sgt Cummings; LAZ ALONZO is Cpl Negron; & OMAR BENSON MILLER is Pvt Train (around whom the story sort of revolves). The movie has some unnecessary scenes (& length to some)-- but it?s a very EFFECTIVE, hard-hitting and thought-provoking story of some of the difficulties faced in the way people of different nations and attitudes fight for their own country and its then-current supposed political goals.


I generally dislike Spike Lee movies, so I was skeptical about this one, but I found the preview intriguing and decided to watch it and make an informed decision. This movie is amazing. The action starts right at the beginning, and then the storyline continues with explanations for the initial shooting. We see how our main character got the way he is and what he lived through during his time in the war. There is also a rare glimpse into the lifestyle and treatment of African-American soldiers during World War II. This movie opened my eyes to prior predjudices and the horrors of war with Nazis. This movie was sad, but also uplifting. I recommend that everyone sees this movie, no matter race or age.


Spike Lee surpasses all previous directors in making this OSCAR deserving movie about the atrocities of the Nazi horrors to the world and in this case to the Italian people. This over two hour movie was worth every minute of it. I did not want to leave the movie for a second even to run to the bathroom. It dealt with racism here in the United States and abroad back in the 40's The Photography was MAGNIFICENT. IT WILL WIN SEVERAL OSCARS INCLUDING DIRECTORSHIP,SCRIPT, PHOTOGRAPHY, AND MORE. To take you there, spiritually, the movie could not be any shorter. Loved it, even though some people wrote unfavorable comments about the length of this movie. I would like to see the movie again.


Thanks Spike for the hard work and keeping it real with a great case. When I think of Spielberg, Stone, and Eastwood I think those brillant young mines got better with time as you have. This one for you America I Respect every last War and Those who went to War for this Land. Thanks Mr. LEE, Blessingyou2.

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