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David Moscow
Date of Birth: 14 November 1974
Awards: 2 nominations

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Newsies 1992
Newsies (1992)
Add date: 2015-09-18
July, 1899: When Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst raise the distribution price one-tenth of a cent per paper, ten cents per hundred, the newsboys, poor enough already, are outraged. Inspired by the strike put on by the trolley workers, Jack "Cowboy" Kelly (Christian Bale) organizes a newsboys' strike. With David Jacobs (David Moscow) as the brains of the new union, and Jack as the voice, the weak and oppressed found the strength to band together and challenge the powerful.
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Big 1988
Big (1988)
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A young boy makes a wish at a fairground machine to be big. He wakes up the following morning to find that his wish has been granted and his body has grown older over night. But he is still the same 12 year old kid on the inside. Now he must learn how to cope with the unfamiliar world of grown ups including getting a job, and having his first romantic encounter with a woman. What will he find out about this strange world?
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Just Married 2003
A happy young couple, Sarah and Tom marry against the wishes of Sarah's friends and family and go to Europe for their Honeymoon. Unfortunately for them, Sarah's parents send Sarah's ex-boyfriend Peter Prentis to break up the happy marriage.
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Honey 2003
Honey (2003)
Add date: 2011-09-23
Honey is a sexy, tough music video choreographer who shakes up her life after her mentor gives her an ultimatum: sleep with him or be blacklisted within their industry.
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Misconceptions 2008

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The story centers on a religiously conservative, married southern woman who receives a message from God instructing her to act as a surrogate mother and carry a child for two married gay men who live in Boston - a Jewish doctor and and African-American dance choreographer. All Hell breaks loose when the African American man comes to her home down south to micro-manage her pregnancy, and he won't leave.
Dead Air 2009

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Radio Host, Logan Burnhardt, starts off his show with off-beat questions such as the whereabouts of the Taj Mahal, and why it is only photographed from the front. With listeners calling in on a variety of issues, he soon becomes aware that terrorists have planted chemical bombs in stadiums and crowded areas that make people violent. He subsequently asks his colleague to travel home to ensure that his wife, Gabbi, and child are safe - not knowing that terrorists will soon take over the building and hold him and other colleagues hostage and force them to make a live broadcast of their real agenda.
Crash and Burn 2008

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Vacancy 2: The First Cut 2008

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In 2004, the managers of the Meadow View Motel Gordon and Reece use room 6 to videotape the intimacy of the guests to sell porn movies. When the mysterious Mr. Smith checks in with a young woman, they witness the sadistic psychopath guest stabbing and killing his mate. The footage is a success and they decide to make other snuff movies with Smith. When Caleb, who is traveling from Chicago with his fiancée Jessica and his best friend Tanner, decides to rest in Meadow View, they have a nightmarish night and try to survive from the sick intention of the gang.
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