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Laura Aikman
Date of Birth: 24 December 1985

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BloodMonkey 2007
Blood Monkey is a horror / jungle suspense thriller set in modern day Thailand. The film centers around anthropological professor Conrad Hamilton (F...    »
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Freight 2010
A Russian gang operating in Leeds with no respect for the laws of England, traffic Eastern Europeans in containers then enslave them, the women to sex, the men to illegal fights. They cross local businessman Gabe Taylor and a war escalates, but when his daughter is taken to be sold into the sex trade, Gabe fights back.
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The Hatching 2016

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On the death of his father, Tim Webber returns to his childhood village in Somerset to find something sinister is disturbing the idyllic peace of the villagers. As people disappear and gruesome body parts mount, the horrific truth emerges that crocodiles are hunting on the moors. As suspicion escalates, Tim is on the hook to make amends for his tragic teenage mistake years before.
Bula Quo! 2013

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Status Quo witnesses a gang murder in Fiji. They flee with crucial evidence; have they played their last gig?
Keith Lemon: The Film 2012

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Keith Lemon ( ) is preparing to take his invention, the securipole, which he has been attempting to lift off the ground for twenty years, to a business convention in London. Meanwhile, his girlfriend Rosie (Laura Aikman) has discovered that she is pregnant, but due to Keith being away, instead confides in his best friend, Dougie (Kevin Bishop). At the convention, the securipole fails to attract any big investor attention, and back at home, an order of 1,000,000 securipoles arrives, much to Rosie and Dougie's dismay. Realising that his invention may never be successful, and that he now owes Evil Steve (Leigh Francis) a ton of money for the securipoles, Lemon decides to stay in London, and takes the advice of fellow businessman Kushvinder (Harish Patel), and accepts the gift of a new style mobile phone that Kushvinder has invented. Attempting to turn the gift into his next money-making scheme, Lemon accepts an offer to appear on David Hasselhoff's prime time television chat ...
Popcorn 2007

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Too insecure to approach the girl of his dreams, Danny takes a job at the local multiplex where she works.
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We're the Millers 2013
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RED 2 2013
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Logan 2017
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Inception 2010
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