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Delia Sheppard
Date of Birth: 1961 Copenhagen, Denmark

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Show Dogs 2018
Show Dogs (2018)
Add date: 2018-08-08
Max, a macho, solitary Rottweiler police dog is ordered to go undercover as a primped show dog in a prestigious Dog Show, along with his human partner, to avert a disaster from happening.
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Vampire in Vegas 2009
Add date: 2012-02-10
In Las Vegas, the powerful three hundred year old vampire Sylvian hires Dr. van Helm to research a cure to survive in the sun. She uses three vampire women as guinea pigs to test the serum in the desert and a couple that is camping witnesses the failure and calls the police. Detective Stanton and his partner Detective O'Hara are assigned to investigate the case. Meanwhile, Jason, who is going to marry Rachel, and two friends travel to Las Vegas for his bachelor party with a couple of strippers, but the women are actually vampires that attack them. Out of the blue, Rachel and her friend Nikki decide to travel to Las Vegas to surprise her boyfriends. The group is captured by Sylvian that uses them to feed the pack vampires and test the new research.
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Sexbomb 1989
A low-budget film producer begins shooting his next two epics, "I Rip Your Flesh With Pliers" and "Werewolves in Heat." What he doesn't know is that his sexy young wife wants him dead, and plans to use the films as a cover to do it.
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Rocky V 1990

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Rocky Balboa is forced to retire after having permanent damage inflicted on him in the ring by the Russian boxer Ivan Drago. Returning home after the Drago bout, Balboa discovers that the fortune that he had acquired as heavyweight champ has been stolen and lost on the stockmarket by his accountant. His boxing days over, Rocky begins to coach an up-and-coming fighter named Tommy Gunn. Rocky cannot compete, however, with the high salaraies and glittering prizes being offered to Gunn by other managers in town.
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Captain Phillips 2013
Captain Phillips 2013, USA
Battleship 2012
Battleship 2012, USA
Secret of the Wings 2012
Secret of the Wings 2012, USA
The Croods 2013
The Croods 2013, USA
The Avengers 2012
The Avengers 2012, USA
Safe House 2012
Safe House 2012, USA
Contraband 2012
Contraband 2012, USA
Fast & Furious 6  2013
Fast & Furious 6 2013, USA
We're the Millers 2013
We're the Millers 2013, USA
RED 2 2013
RED 2 2013, USA
Logan 2017
Logan 2017, USA
Inception 2010
Inception 2010, USA
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