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Date of Birth: 23 October 1975

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Taking Your Daughter 2020
Tale Of Family And Friends.
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Taking Your Daughter 1080p Taking Your Daughter HQ DVD-rip

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Taking Your Daughter 1080p
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Deadly Switch 2019
When a foreign exchange student, Ana (Hayley McLaughlin), studying abroad in America becomes the target of a dangerous stalker, she accepts the invitation to move in with her roommate's family in their idyllic town.
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Deadly Switch 1080p Deadly Switch HQ DVD-rip

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Deadly Switch 1080p
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Christmas Icetastrophe 2014
A meteorite enters the Earth's atmosphere and splits in two pieces. One piece strikes the center of a small mountain town and immediately starts to freeze everything and everyone nearby. The second piece forms a tropical zone amongst the snow and ice. A University grad student and a local man struggle to join the two pieces of the meteorite back together to save their town and mankind.
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Christmas Icetastrophe HQ DVD-rip
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Ted Bundy 2002
Docu-drama based on the life of Ted Bundy, a serial killer who killed at least 19 young women during the 1970's (though some sources say as many as 30 to 35 were murdered). Set from his college student years, to his first victims, his capture, escape from prison (twice), his final killing spree to his trial, conviction and execution.
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Ted Bundy DVD-rip
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Gabe the Cupid Dog 2012

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When Eric and Marsha break off their long-term relationship, journalist Eric is able to weather it pretty well. He still has his long time canine companion Gabe, and his boss, Ms Andrews, wants to send him to London to open an office. But first Ms Andrews says Eric must find out the true identity of the best-selling author R L Dutton. A bigger obstacle for Eric's trip, however, comes from his dog. Gabe does not want to face six months in quarantine with big pit bulls and mastiffs waiting for an OK to the UK. Getting ideas from a pretty TV host, Gabe acts as Cupid Dog, doing his best to bring Eric and their neighbor Sara together. Gabe's plan works, only to go up in smoke when Eric realizes Sara is the mysterious author. Now Sara thinks Eric was just using her for a story before leaving for London. Gabe the Cupid Dog must go to new lengths to get Sara and Eric to tie the "leash."
The Perfect Teacher 2010

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When 17-year-old Devon ('Megan Park' ) falls in love with her attractive new math teacher Jim ( ), she'll stop at nothing, including murder, to make sure they end up together. Ingratiating herself with his daughter Annique (Keeva Lynk) and making sure his current girlfriend Rachel ( ) and ex-wife Marissa ( ) are out of the way, Devon's obsession takes a deadly toll on Jim's life.
Warlock III: The End of Innocence 1999

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A college student unexpectedly finds that she has inherited a derelict house. Accompanied by a group of friends...
National Lampoon Presents Dorm Daze 2003

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Dorm Daze unfolds during a crazy afternoon at a university co-ed dormitory in the days before Christmas break when one of the students, Styles McFee, hires a prostitute named Dominique for his unwitting brother, Booker, to lose his virginity. But Booker prefers to lose his virginity to his long-term sweetheart Rachel just down the hall. Meanwhile, another student, named Wang, awaits the arrival of a French foreign exchange student, who speaks little English, also named Dominique. Farcical wackiness ensues as a series of mistaken identities and mishaps escalate into monumental proportions starting when Wang leaves for work, Dominique the Student arrives and is mistaken for the prostitute by Styles, while Dominique the Hooker is mistaken for the student by others including the two dorm gossip queens Lynne and Marla. Other characters involve Adrienne, who is targeted by the dorm geek, Newmar, with whom they had a drunken fling the night before. Adrienne tries to find a missing handbag ...
Pulse 2: Afterlife 2008

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The first sequel is titled PULSE: AFTERLIFE The world has been reshaped by the invasion of ghosts via the wireless internet...    »
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