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Date of Birth: 13 January 1967
Biography: Scott Christopher was born in Michigan, then moved to Utah at age 11. Along with one broth...more
Trivia: Winner of the 1991 Irene Ryan Award for the nation's top collegiate actor. The first to wi...more
Starmeter: Down 23% in popularity this week.

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Witnesses 2021
For nearly 200 years, skeptics and critics have been trying to explain away what many Book of Mormon witnesses stated-that they had seen angels and hefted golden metal plates containing ancient inscriptions.
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Witnesses 1080p
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Matchmaker Christmas 2019
As the Christmas party for a book publishing company approaches, editor Maggie volunteers to help her boss Amanda find a date. Matchmaking is a bit of a hobby for Maggie, but she is thrown off her game when Jaxson, her old boyfriend from her college years, shows up at her work-as a newly signed, successful author. Maggie would love to deny she feels anything for him still, but Jaxson isn't making it easy. She'll have to face her decisions of the past, along with Amanda eyeing Jaxson, to bring together the perfect matches at Christmas.
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Matchmaker Christmas 1080p
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Fall City 2018
Fall City (2018)
Add date: 2018-11-28
Just before Christmas, recently-paroled thief, Jon Price, is forced to return to his small, rainy hometown of Fall City, Washington where he unexpectedly begins to find joy as he meets a struggling single mother who shows him true kindness, and he begins filling the role of a father for her young daughter.
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Not Cinderella's Type 2018
Indy Zimmerman's life is far from perfect. With a step mom who seems to make it her goal in life to make indy's life horrible, step sister's who want nothing to do with her, and a boy who ruined her life suddenly wanting to be a part of it, life is already more than difficult. throw high school, relationships and tragity in the mix and things couldn't be worse. When the most popular boy at school, Bryant Bailey, kills her cat, Indy wants nothing to to with him, but he seems set on being a part of her life, and after all attempts of getting rid of him fail, she decides to give him a chance. He might not be her type but Indy quickly learns first impressions can be wrong
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Not Cinderella's Type 1080p Not Cinderella's Type HQ DVD-rip

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Love Everlasting 2016
Bridger Jenkins, a senior in high school, is an outsider with hidden scars and a lifelong dream to see the ocean. Living in poverty, his mother has done everything in her power to give her son a good life, but their world is once again turned upside down when Bridger's abusive stepfather threatens their lives. On the road with only 197 dollars to their name, Bridger and his mother embark on the journey of a lifetime. But a series of obstacles foil their plan and they end up stuck in the middle of nowhere - a small town that will prove to change their destiny. When Bridger has a chance encounter with a brown-eyed beauty shrouded in insecurity, sparks fly and an everlasting bond is ignited between two misfits longing for acceptance and true love.
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An Hour Behind 2017

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The time change and a case of mistaken identity result in a wonderful blind date for Trish and Parker, but is it enough to keep them together?
The Stray 2017

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A young father takes his nine year old son, the family dog, and two of his son's friends backpacking in the mountains of Colorado only for all five of them to be struck by lightning.
The Best Two Years 2004

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Two pairs of Mormon missionaries from America live in a beaten-up apartment in the Dutch city of Haarlem. Their personalities are distinctly different. Appropriately, the most responsible one, Elder Johnson, is the District Leader and oversees their efforts. His companion, the vain Elder Van Pelt, seeks to become the assistant to the mission president (the top post available) as soon as possible, and he receives letters from three girlfriends he left behind. The capable Elder Rogers has become disillusioned and inattentive to his duties ever since a previous missionary companion returned to America, looked up and married Elder Roger's girlfriend. As a result he is simply marking time until he returns home in a few weeks time. The three meet Elder Roger's new companion, Elder Calhoun, in the train station. This new elder is a nerdy but enthusiastic "greenie" that has just arrived from the Missionary Training Center (MTC) in Utah. Unfortunately his training did not give him much fluency...
My Girlfriend's Boyfriend 2010

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Jesse, in a moment of bold self-confidence, introduces herself to Ethan, a struggling writer. And then in walks Troy, and in a moment of bold self-confidence, he introduces himself to Jesse. Jesse falls in love with both men, who happen to have a lot in common but still seem very different. What will happen when Jesse has to tell the truth?
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A Girl's Affair 1992
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The Avengers 2012
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The Croods 2013
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Safe House 2012
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Contraband 2012
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Fast & Furious 6  2013
Fast & Furious 6 2013, USA
We're the Millers 2013
We're the Millers 2013, USA
RED 2 2013
RED 2 2013, USA
Logan 2017
Logan 2017, USA
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