Detention (2010)

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A group of high school students are sent to after-school Detention for unexplained reasons. There, the teenagers find themselves abandoned and locked in the classroom after their detention teacher leaves, then mysteriously disappears. With night slowly approaching, a thunder storm builds outside. The heavy rain and lightning causes a massive power failure throwing the school into total darkness. Then, strange, haunting images of Ghosts begin to appear in the school. The kids manage to break out of the classroom only to find that the old building has taken on a life of its own, keeping them trapped inside. As they struggle to escape, the teenagers learn about the death of a student back in the 1970's. Slowly, they unravel the history of this tragedy and that they are somehow connected to the student's macabre and untimely death. They will also soon find out that they are being held responsible for this horrific event of the past, and will pay for it with their lives!
David Carradine as Principal Hoskins
Black Thomas as Jackson
Mo as Jason Gretch (as Mo)
Maitland McConnell as Lisa
Thomas Calabro as Coach L
Billy Aaron Brown as Jack
Zelda Williams as Sara
John Capodice as Workman 1
Preston Jones as Paul
Jeremy Luc as Benny
Michael Mitchell as Sam
Lil J as T-Loc (as Jonathan McDaniel)
Rachel Sterling as Mimi
Alexa Jago as Ms. Cipher
Catherine Combs as Diane
Full cast

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Oh so bad. Right from the first scene I knew we were in trouble but I hoped it would get better...it didn't. Not so bad to walk out but at least 4 others did. I see what the makers were going for and it could have been great but in my opinion, they just failed on every level.


This is a must go film! It's non-stop hilarious, you can't look away for a second without missing something. You will never be bored while watching this film. The reason the critics don't like this movie is because they are old men and don't get the way our generation thinks. In our instant gratification seeking age this film challenges the audience to keep up but never loses you if you pay attention, which you will definitely want to! Help show Hollywood we're sick of remakes and sequels and go see Detention!

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