Terms & Conditions

General conditions

Attention! Our website Movieboom.biz gives you an opportunity to use media files which are stored at our site. This Agreement produces to User his rights and obligations and for administration of site also. By using our website you are automatically considered to be agreed with all conditions of our Agreement. The Administration leaves for itself the right to change and supplement any item of the document. The User can read about all updates available on the site. In the condition when User don`t accept any updates of the Agreement the Administration would deny User`s registration at the site.


If you want to have complete access to all services of our website you have to fill out the Registration field and press Register button. The registration at our website is charge-free. In case when you have forgotten your password our button Forgot password would help you to remind it or you can pass new registration and create new account. If you want to stop using our website you can cancel your account there.

Paid services, fees and refunds

All payments and fees for our services are written in Website`s catalogue. The prices can be changed by the Administration. To make the order the User has to add to his basket desired products. If you have not enough money on your account then your order would not be processed. Before making any order the User must fill up his account. You can pay for your order by credit card or some electronic money system during the order procedure. The User is to submit all needed and original information including data about payment. Any orders connected with swindle will be blocked and the information about such orders will be immediately send to authorities. Such orders will be deleted without any notifications and money left on the account will not be refunded. User`s password and login is a secret but if you consider that this information was stolen, please contact with our Support team via your e-mail and your account will be blocked for some period of time.


  1. In one situation payments can be refunded - if User did not made any purchases on the Website.
  2. The User can require refunding during 48 hours after he filled up his account again. The administration reserves the right don`t refund if there is incompatibility between purchased media products and User`s software.

Copyright and responsibility

  1. The User is responsible for software he is using and for any payments connected with usage of the Website on his own.
  2. The Administration is free from responsibility for the quality of User`s Internet thus refuses from responsibility for any losses and damages connected with the internet.
  3. All available Website`s material is allowed for propagation over the Internet in conformity with The Russian Organization for multimedia and Digital Systems (ROMS) and designed only for personal use. Any broadcasting or resale is forbidden.
  4. Our Website remunerates for each downloaded file.
  5. The Users are prohibited to use any trademarks, names, logos and so on without a written permission of the owners as they are someone`s property.
  6. Only The User for himself is responsible for downloaded media in accordance to corresponding international and local laws.
  7. As there can be links to other websites the Administration is not responsible for information which that sites contains.

Privacy Policy

If you use our site it is mean that you are agree with our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. But if you are disagree then you better don`t enter our site. Our Administration keeps the right to change procedure of registration or the way of giving the services.

IP Address

We need information about your IP addresses for providing best services and for controlling the legality of payments. The Administration promises not to promulgate data about IP addresses except cases when the federal law requires it.


Cookies are used for storing identification information after authorization on the Website. They are speeding up the site`s work. Cookies don`t store personal information such as login, password and so on but it is need for access to different parts of Site where authorization is required.

Personal Information

We are collecting such personal information as e-mail address, downloads, etc. every time you enter our Site. It is secret information and is not promulgated.

Financial Information

When User inserts any financial information such as credit cards details it is transferred securely and is not available even to the Administration.

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