In the list below you can find the most frequently questions and answers on them. We hope it would be helpful for you.

General questions

Q: Where and how can I find movie I want to see?
A: To find a movie you just have to write its title in the field called "Advanced Search" which is situated on the top of main page.

Q: So how many movies I can find on Movieboom.biz?
A: We have the biggest collection on movies at our Site. It approximately consists from 10000 movies!

Q: Are the movies on your Site given in full size and in high quality?
A: We appreciate our Users so we present for them only full version movies and of high quality.

Q: Is it legal to use Movieboom.biz and to download movies from it?
A: Yes it is absolutely legal.

Q: Are there TV shows on Movieboom.biz available for downloading?
A: Yes of course we have many TV shows on our Site.

Q: So how often do you update your site and add new movies in your base?
A: We watch for cinema novelties and renew our Site every day.


Q: How long I have to wait till my account will become active?
A: Your account will become active at once when you subscribed on any of our subscription plans. And till that time your account will stay inactive.

Q: I have problems with registration! It is written "Your e-mail is already used". How can it be?
A: Such situation can be only in case if you are already registered on our Website. So please log in by entering your login and password.

Q: If I forgot my password what can I do?
A: don`t worry it is easily can be restored. You have just follow the link Forgot password in login form.

Q: What I have to do if I see a message "Login or password is not correct" while attempting to login?
A: It can happen if you don`t remember your username or password. First of all check if Caps Lock is off and If it does not help then you can enter your activation e-mail and see this information which was send to you after your registration on Movieboom.biz

Q: How can I buy video from your Site?
A: To buy any video from our Site you have to fill up your account with the help of MasterCard and Visa. After refilling your account you can choose the movie and quality you want.

Q: Will you back my money if I want to cancel my order?
A: We will come back your money if you are not satisfied with our services only if those conditions were not mentioned in Agreement.

Q: How can I delete my account?
A: For deleting your account from Movieboom.biz please contact Support Team

Should you have any troubles with E-Cheques payments, please call 1-800-986-4731


Q: How can I download a movie from your Site?
A: It is very easy - after selection of the quality click on button "Download".

Q: Do I need some additional software for watching or downloading movies from your Site?
A: No you don`t.

Q: What Internet browser should I use for downloading? What about Internet Explorer?
A:The better will be if you use download managers like FolX or Downloader X. As to Internet Explorer you cannot download a movie if its size is more than 4 Gb.

Q: How long have I wait till the movie will be downloaded?
A: The process of downloading depends on your Internet speed and the quality of the movie. Usually it takes not more than 2 hours.

Q: I have downloaded the movie but it does not work. What is the reason?
A: The reason of such problem can be only interrupted process of downloading. If this happened you have to start downloading from the very beginning.

Q: I am trying to download movies but it does not work!
A: Well check please if you fulfilled the registration and also if your account is active.

Q: An error occurs when I try to download movie. What it can mean?
A: Well it can be a problem with that file. Just please try to download it later.

Q: The movie I have downloaded consists of three parts. How can I collect them together?
A: You can do it by using program VirtualDub it is free software program which is available here virtualdub.org. Also you can use any players that support playlist such as VLC, Light Alloy and so on.

Q: I have downloaded the movie but cannot find it on my computer. What should I do?
A: When you are trying to download video file your program have to ask where you prefer to save it. You can use a Search in your computer to find that file.

Q: I want to download HD movie with the help of Internet Explorer 8 but the error is occurred!
A: Internet Explorer of any version is not able to download HD movies because of their big size. So please use a download manager such as FlashGet or FolX.

Watching movies

Q: What movie players can I use to watch movies?
A: For watching movies you can use any players you know.

Q: I start watching movie but there is only sound and there no any image!
A: Check please if you have all needed codecs on your computer.

Q: Is it possible to watch movies on Mac?
A: Yes! Just use Apple QuickTime, VLC or other Mac-friendly player on your Mac to watch movies.

Q: I want t watch movies on my DVD player. Is it possible?
A: Of course it is possible but only if your player supports DivX or XviD playback. If it is not so you need to convert the video to MPEG-2. When you do this just burn movie on DVD/CD and enjoy watching

Burning the movie

Q: How can I record the movie on CD/DVD?
A: For burning movie on a disk just use Nero or any other burning soft.

Other questions

Q: How can I watch a movie on my IPod/IPhone?
A: For it you can choose an IPod movie version in MP4 format. But also you can convert DVD, DivX, PDA and Hi-Def versions by yourself. For such purposes special programs like VirtualDub exists.

Q: Are there movies in other language except English?
A: We are working over it but for now there are only movies on English.

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