Ruby Sparks (2012)

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Calvin is a genius novelist who begins to type a new novel on his manual typewriter about Ruby, his dream girl. He can't believe his eyes, because the next day, Ruby becomes a real person, and they begin to have a beautiful relationship together. If the relationship isn't perfect, all Calvin has to do is simply type the words on the page and Ruby's actions change to what he needs.
Eleanor Seigler as Mandi
Barrett Perlman as Gym Girl
Jane Anne Thomas as Saskia
Emma Jacobs as Party Goer at Langdon's (as Emma Julia Jacobs)
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This is a terrific love story about a lonely writer who writes the love of his life and she comes to life. It's a beautiful sci-fi love story that just works on many levels. He lets his brother in on it and this lends crédence to the story, which develops nicely into the usual inspiration for a book that he ends up writing. Yes, this is another one of those movies about a writer with writer's block who gets cured only after tremendous strife, but this formula works beautifully again. I think this movie will have wide appeal and I recommend it to everyone, young, older, those in love, those who can't seem to find love, and those who currently want nothing to do with love. It's fun to watch and well told and acted.


The trailer was better. Turns out to be sort of a cliche about how you can't micro-control the people you love without becoming a monster. Duh.


Anyone who has had their first brush with adolescence has fantasized about the perfect partner; the one who completes the puzzle, the conundrum that is "you"; conforms to your ideal; meets and exceeds all your expectations; plainly put, the "love of your life."... "Ruby Sparks" is one of the most compelling, enchanting films of the summer. Created by, and starring Zoe Kazan ("Ruby"), a gifted young woman with an enviable imagination, celestial blue eyes. Ruby's ethereal, luminescent, stunning as the sprite who morphs from the pages of novelist "Calvin" (Paul Dano); a prodigy, who has been wandering in a desert of "wordless" uncertainty. Dano's performance is galvanizing and vulnerable, simultaneously... FOUR STARS!!!! ***For full review please visit peneflix (dot) com!!!


Interesting premise that hardly gets explored. A writer who can create a woman chooses such silly quirks for her. Where's the dark side to this power ? Get angry with her ? Write something shocking, dangerous. A disappointing, repetitive mess. I give it a "Go" because of the premise and the acting, especially Zoe Kazan. Iris

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