Hyde Park on Hudson (2012)

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In 1930s Hudson Valley, Margaret "Daisy" Suckley is reacquainted with her distant cousin, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, to help him relax at his family estate. That aid soon develops into much more as they become lovers. That puts Daisy in a unique position as Roosevelt receives the King and Queen of Britain in 1939 for a visit. As the Royal couple copes with the President's oddly plebeian arrangements, Daisy learns that there is far more to Roosevelt's life than she realized. With the world about to be set ablaze by war, friendships are struck and perspectives are gained on that special weekend that would make all the difference with a great, but very human, president.
Olivia Williams as Eleanor
Elizabeth Wilson as Mrs. Roosevelt
Bill Murray as FDR
Elizabeth Marvel as Missy
Laura Linney as Daisy
Nancy Baldwin as Mrs. Astor
Olivia Colman as Elizabeth
Eleanor Bron as Daisy's Aunt
Samuel West as Bertie
Martin McDougall as Tommy
Andrew Havill as Cameron
Guy Paul as President's Aide #2
Tim Beckmann as President's Aide #1
Eben Young as President's Aide #3
Samantha Dakin as Mary the Maid
Full cast
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I'd say it was just okay. The actors did a fine job, it was just a little slow in parts. The King and Queen had some very funny lines though.


The story being told in Hyde Park on the Hudson is very simple. President Franklin D Roosevelt invited the King and Queen of England to the president's personal resort to rest and relax and meet regarding the looming war in Europe. The story does deal with the matter at hand and with much more, which makes this film unique and very worthwhile. The acting is very good, the direction is pitch perfect and the story is simple. It all about the gathering which involves the personal struggles of each person, including President Roosevelt and his wife, the King and Queen of England and President Roosevelt's paramour, played very well by Laura Linney. The story is fascinating as the world prepares to see the King and Queen actually eat hot dogs while the president juggles his relationship with his wife and his mistress. The direction never gets too ponderous. The deepest moments of drama are juxtaposed with the lighter moments as all munch on hot dogs while the world reacts.


This movie is about FDR the man primarily -- his vices for alcohol and cigarrettes, but especially for extra-marital affairs. Hyde Park on Hudson is the geographical location of his mother's house, where he lived smothered while not in DC or travelling to fulfill his presidential duties. The movie takes places around the historical weekend when King George and Queen Elizabeth visited to court America into joining the war against Nazi Germany. They don't discuss much politics, but rather get to know each other and realize that they share much. This is a drama, for the most part, and depends heavily on dialogue. There are scenes where the movie drags with pointless conversation. However, the actors are first-rate and even the mundane discussions about cocktails and hot dogs provide ample entertainment. You should see this film if you're interested in the history of the period and want to see a terrific reenactment of what that weekend was like.


'Hyde Park on Hudson' captures an interesting moment and shines a light on the lives of important figures in American history. I came to the movie with high expectations which were partially met. The movie is good - not great. Bill Murray is good - not great. Again, my expectations were perhaps unrealistic. Overall, the pacing of the movie is a tad slow. But the revelations about FDR's private life, his sexual liaisons, and his disability plus the tacit blindness or 'gentlemen's agreement' of those around him (not least of all the press) made for an intriguing story line that held my interest throughout.


Bridge players know a peek is as good as a finesse and this small glimpse into the life of FDR provides the viewer with more information about American history, even that of England, than many a history book and by far exceeds films trying to encompass a life time. The film acts like a core sample of the Earth's surface, digging deeply beneath the soil of these famous people and breaks through at their very source. Without excessive drama, the film quietly invites the viewer to catch a brief glance of what's real behind the facades of the great, famous man so pivotal in the world when humanity showed up at its worst and a few showed up to lead them to their finest hour. As for Bill Murray, was he born to play the part? Even knowing the man personally did not prevent experiencing him as FDR on the screen. He so erased his outer personality as all good actors do and Laura Linney did as well, there was nothing left of this very funny man to mar the perfection of his creation.

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