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The Price 2017
The Price (2017)
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A young Nigerian-American financier struggles with love, family, and a prescription drug dependency as his ambitions steer him down a criminal path.
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The Price 1080p

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The Price 1080p
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The Trials of Cate McCall 2013
In California, Cate McCall is an alcoholic lawyer that was put on probation and rehab. She had an argument with a judge that sent her to the Breathalyzer test and the bar put her on probation in a small office. Cate is also fighting to recover custody of her daughter that lives with her father that is moving to Seattle. Cate is assigned to defend Lacey Stubbs, who has appealed claiming that she had been wrongly accused of murdering another woman since there was a trial error. Further, Lacey also tells that she was raped by a guard in the prison. Cate, who has never lost a case, investigates the case with his friend Bridges and they find evidences that might prove that Lacey is innocent and her case is fabricated. But is she really not guilty?
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The Trials of Cate McCall HQ DVD-rip
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Left to Die 2012
A woman takes an innocent vacation in Ecuador but ends up being wrongly imprisoned for drug trafficking.
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See You in September 2010

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See You in September is an original romantic comedy set in current day Manhattan. The film centers around Lindsay, a beautiful woman who seemingly has it all, but is deeply afraid of commitment. When she finds out that her therapist takes a vacation for the entire month of August she feels shocked and abandoned. Instead of taking this news lying down, Lindsay enlists the help of her acerbic best friend Monica to come up with a solution. With the assistance of "Craig's List", Lindsay puts together a group therapy session for all Manhattanites who are in need of therapy, but more importantly angry at their therapists for abandoning them.
Washington Heights 2002

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"Washington Heights" tells the story of Carlos Ramirez, a young illustrator burning to escape the Latino...
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Fast & Furious 6  2013
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We're the Millers 2013
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RED 2 2013
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Logan 2017
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Inception 2010
Inception 2010, USA
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