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Biography: Mia Rose was born in Nashville Tennessee to Tina and legendary rocker, Peter Frampton . Se...more
Trivia: Daughter of Grammy Award winning artist Peter Frampton .She has two sisters and one brothe...more

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Hope Springs Eternal 2018
When 18 year old Hope Gracin suddenly finds herself in remission from end-stage cancer, she must learn to live without an expiration date.
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The Row 2018
A college freshman discovers a dark secret about the sorority house she's pledging for after a series of murders terrorize the campus.
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G.B.F. 2013
Social warfare erupts when three high school clique queens battle for supremacy: drama diva Caprice, Mormon princess 'Shley and blonde fashionista Fawcett. When unassuming Tanner is outted, he finds himself cast as the hottest new teen-girl accessory: The Gay Best Friend. The clique queens immediately pounce and makeover Tanner into their ideal arm candy, forcing him to choose between popularity and the true friends - including his own B.F.F. Brent - that he's leaving behind.
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That's What I Am 2011
A coming-of-age story that follows 12-year-old Andy Nichol (Chase Ellison), a bright student who, like most kids his age, will do anything to avoid conflict for fear of suffering overwhelming ridicule and punishment from his junior high school peers. Everyone's favorite teacher, Mr. Simon (Ed Harris), pairs Andy with the school's biggest outcast and social pariah, Stanley, aka "Big G" (Alexander Walters) on a critical term project. Sporting thick orange hair, a head too big for his body and ears too big for his head, "Big G" has been the object of ridicule since grade school. Before long, Andy will learn that there was truly a method behind Mr. Simon's madness as to why he teamed these two up. As the story unfolds, Mr. Simon finds himself the target of a malicious rumor after Principal Kelner (Amy Madigan) suspends a school bully for brutally beating up...
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