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Up 2009
Carl Fredricksen as a boy wanted to explore South America and find the forbidden Paradise Falls. About 64 years later he gets to begin his journey along with a Boy Scout named Russel with help from 500 balloons. On their journey they discover many new friends including a talking dog and Carl and Russel figure out that someone evil plans. Carl soon realizes that this evildoer is his childhood idol. Will they be able to defeat him and will they find Paradise Falls?
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Up 1080p

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Up 1080p
1469 Mb
The Lake House 2006
When two people "connect" the bond between them can be so pure and simple as to stir hearts in heaven. When they connect in all the right places at all the wrong times, heaven weeps for broken hearts. To heal these broken hearts, heaven breaks time.
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The Lake House 720p

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The Lake House 720p
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Neighbors 1981
One man's quiet suburban life takes a sickening lurch for the worse when a young couple move into the deserted house next door. From the word go it is obvious these are not the quiet professional types who *should* be living in such a nice street. As more and more unbelievable events unfold, our hero starts to question his own sanity... and those of his family.
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Neighbors DVD-rip

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Neighbors DVD-rip
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Knight and Day 2010
June Havens finds her everyday life tangled with that of a secret agent who has realized he isn't supposed to survive his latest mission. As their campaign to stay alive stretches across the globe, they soon learn that all they can count on is each other.
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Knight and Day 1080p Knight and Day HQ DVD-rip

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Knight and Day 1080p
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Knight and Day HQ DVD-rip
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The Color Purple 1985
This film follows the life of Celie, a young black girl growing up in the early 1900's. The first time we see Celie, she is 14 - and pregnant - by her father. We stay with her for the next 30 years of her tough life...
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The Color Purple 1080p The Color Purple HQ DVD-rip

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The Color Purple 1080p
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Sin 2003

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Retired cop Eddie Burns gave 15 years and the use of his left arm to the Reno homicide squad. When his wayward sister, Kassie, goes missing Eddie Burns finds himself subjected to a fiendish and ingenious campaign of revenge by the mysterious Charlie Strom. In order to protect his sister, Eddie - disabled, betrayed and alone - journeys into the heart of his own darkness: where he discovers that the reason for his ordeal lies in his own past sins and those of his adversary Charlie Strom.
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Captain Phillips 2013
Captain Phillips 2013, USA
Battleship 2012
Battleship 2012, USA
Secret of the Wings 2012
Secret of the Wings 2012, USA
A Girl's Affair 1992
A Girl's Affair 1992, USA
The Avengers 2012
The Avengers 2012, USA
The Croods 2013
The Croods 2013, USA
Safe House 2012
Safe House 2012, USA
Contraband 2012
Contraband 2012, USA
Fast & Furious 6  2013
Fast & Furious 6 2013, USA
We're the Millers 2013
We're the Millers 2013, USA
RED 2 2013
RED 2 2013, USA
Logan 2017
Logan 2017, USA
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