Seven Pounds (2008)

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Haunted by a secret, Ben Thomas looks for redemption by radically transforming the lives of seven people he doesn't know. Once his plan is set, nothing will be able to stop him. At least that's what he thinks. But Ben hadn't planned on falling in love with one of these people and she's the one who will end up transforming him.
Will Smith as Ben Thomas
Rosario Dawson as Emily Posa
Woody Harrelson as Ezra Turner
Michael Ealy as Ben's Brother
Barry Pepper as Dan
Elpidia Carrillo as Connie Tepos
Robinne Lee as Sarah Jenson
Joe Nunez as Larry (Hotel Owner)
Bill Smitrovich as George Ristuccia
Tim Kelleher as Stewart Goodman
Gina Hecht as Dr. Briar
Andy Milder as George's Doctor
Judyann Elder as Holly Apelgren
Sarah Jane Morris as Susan
Madison Pettis as Connie's Daughter
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Will Smith does a great job of acting (as usual) but is hampered by the script. This movie grabs you, holds you and then PISSES you off with the lame *** ending. Go see it but youll groan at the end.


I went to go see this movie not reading any reviews and had really no grasp on what to expect. It started out all over the place and kind of got me wondering if I needed to go get a refund. However, all of those loose ends are tied up brilliantly towards the conclusion. Will Smith was unbelievable and to me, this movie was no way predictable until you were supposed to know what was to happen. Everything was done so well in this movie and there was no down time at all. My best advice, don't get frustrated with how it starts......the ending is more than worth the wait. I am going back to see it again.


This was one of the most touching films I've seen in a very long time. I'm a potter/sculptor with ADHD. Movies are the only way I have found that allow me to keep still and focused long enough to get anything done - so I've more than seen my share. Fearing God, I don't believe in suicide. I lost my first husband to suicide when I was 23. But, at 46 I've lived long enough to understand what it is to carry real pain. I don't condone what the character did in the movie, but I understand it. He went to such great lengths to unselfishly give himself to others in a quite literal way, people who really wanted to live but had a very slim chance of doing so. In the end, he took great care to preserve himself that he could give someone else the chance at life to find the joy in living he could never find again. It leaves me in a moral delimma as I just can't see his act as suicide, but as giving up his life to save someone else; laying down his life for his brother.


SPOILER ALERT! Dec. 17 - I just attended this 2 hour mediocre drama starring Will Smith, Rosario Dawson, Woody Harrelson, etc. The first 1.5 hour was exceedingly ponderously SLOW - the plot was predictable. It was only in the last 30 minutes that the plot started to gel together. Average editing and lack-luster directing were to blame - did not really help with the multiple flashbacks. The movie was ok/watchable - despite the far-fetched RIDICULOUS story/plot. Be prepared for some emotional tear-jerking scenes - bring some tissues. Will and Rosario might make you sob. Major themes explored were redemption/atonement/repentance, guilt, personal responsibility, spirit of giving/personal sacrifice, kindness, life/death, and suicide. This movie glorifies suicide - a definite WRONG message to send to people, especially children. VERDICT: So-so. Recommended for fans of Will Smith, Rosario Dawson, Woody Harrelson. Due to the suicide theme, not appropriate for children.


Will Smith was incredible but not in his usual funny way. I didn't like the fact they didn't explain why it was called 7 Pounds. I found out later it had something to do with Shakespeare and when you do something so tragic the only way you can pay for it was by 7 pounds of flesh.

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